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Feb 22, 2013 02:39 PM

Food Gift in Vancouver - Basket or Meals

Hi BC hounds... I want to send a food gift to someone in Vancouver going through a health challenge and could use some help. Maybe a gift certificate for some home-cooked meals from a personal chef service, or some type of more practical food basket - i.e. not a bunch of fancy jams.

If all else fails I'll do Edible Arrangements, but would love a few local options. I looked through some old posts and did some Googling but so far haven't found anything that quite fits the bill.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Is delivery/in-home prep a requirement? If not, you could try Harvest Community Foods. Not personal chef per se but they're a small business that would probably work with you to create something.

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      Thanks for this. Delivery will definitely be a requirement, in-home prep is not.

    2. In another thread someone mentioned ... I haven't used them myself.

      1. I'd bookmarked the Travelling Gourmet ( a while ago but haven't tried them yet. Looks like they offer personal chef service gift certificates. I also poked around the web a bit and found Time to Eat (, Marmalady Catering (, The Invisible Chef ( -- all could probably do gift certificates, even though only the invisible guy mentions it. Hope one of these fits the bill, and good luck!

        1. Thanks for all the ideas, everyone - appreciated.

          1. In the more practical vein, perhaps a selection of items from SPUD (Small Potatoes Urban Delivery). They are a local, organic grocery delivery service but you can place your order online and they will deliver on a specific day of the week. You can order everything from basics (milk, eggs, fresh fruit and verg) to frozen meals. It all comes packed in a rubbermaid container with freezer bags, etc included.

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              islandgirl - thanks a lot for the SPUD suggestion. I somehow missed seeing it before now. Will keep in mind for the future.