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Feb 22, 2013 02:15 PM

Looking for good Brooklyn style pizza in MKE

Ok, I have made my preference for Chicago style pizza by Rosati's in Oconomowoc (sp?) known. There are two Rosati's pizza chains in the area. This is the good one. Despite my best efforts, my teenager likes Pizza Hut. Now, having worked with a NY team when I was living in exile in Charleston, SC, the best pizza everyone agreed with in the south was (I kid you not) Mario's or Luigi's outside of our Marine Corps customer in NC. To keep good quality, Mario ran Luigi's and vice versa. My NYC employees would fedex pizzas in from them for special meals.

Leonadaro's in Mequon is OK and the best alternative for me, but as I am trying to educate the kid from his fast food mother, anyone who tries to do a Brooklyn pizza in the area would be appreciated. Where you have to hold the slice and grease runs down your arm, etc.

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  1. I lived in NYC and have no idea what "Brooklyn style pizza" is. How is it defined? Is it based upon the type of crust, or the toppings or the order of the layering of toppings? None of the above?

    Now that I think about it, the only time I have heard the term "Brooklyn style pizza" was in a Domino's ad and knowing your excellent taste I doubt that is what you are seeking.

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      Um, you give me more credit for taste than I have.
      Just ask my wife in any situation :)

      Dad before we moved him to Milwaukee to take care of him lived in upper Westchester. Dear gosh did I dislike most of that area.

      Thin crust (not Milwaukee cracker), not cooked enough to be hard, you have to be able to double over the slice to eat it. Grease from the pepperoni dripping out of the slice. A sauce that is not spicy, but loaded with "green stuff" that gives it more than a tomato paste taste. A hint of garlic in the crust, the oil on the cooking pan is not virgin, but has whatever the chef consideres good for the area.

      Next to Mario's was an awesome French bakery that opened up that imported her ovens from France. A little to late for me as my wife gave me an ultimatum to leave to get to somewhere "people read as opposed to thinking it is a badge of honor"

      Mario's yelp

      I am NOT kidding when I say that I was to a wedding in the south where they fedex'd Mario's to Florida for some ex NY'ers.

      Of course, I also have mentioned that when living in exile in SC, anyone who went to the corporate office in NY who did not bring back bagels for everyone was not allowed in the building. Seriously, we hacked the security system when a corporate VP came for a visit and he was locked out until bagels arrived the next day. The corps who was there for a presentation agreed with our decision.

      1. re: exvaxman

        Of course, to go with this I have not had a decent calzone here. But to be honest, my buddies in the south cannot get decent pasties. Deciding between the two I would rather have a rhubarb pasty. With a decent (non-Dominoes) Brooklyn pizza.

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          In regards to calzone, have you tried a Ponza Rotta at Jimmy's Grotto? It is a hybrid calzone/slice of pizza that is folded over and deep fried.

    2. Never heard of "Brooklyn style" pizza, only "New York style." NY style is really two different styles: coal oven (like Grimaldi's, Lombardi's) and gas oven (like Joe's, Famous Ray's).

      I think you want gas oven, street slice? Like this picture?

      The biggest issue I find with NY style pizza outside of NY is the understanding that the bottom of the pie should have some char/black spots and the toppings should be pretty minimal (the crust is too thin to support more than 1-2). The crust should be medium-thin, and crisp-chewy.

      There's some good photos here of what I think you might be looking for: