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Where can I find some Hamantuschen?

Just dawned on me I need to get some this weekend.

Anybody know of a good spot?


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  1. Grodzinsky's
    Cafe Shelli
    Bagel Plus
    Center Street Deli
    Harbord Bakery

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    1. Bought some at Harbord Bakery today. Really good cookie-dough-type, fillings not sickeningly sweet.

      1. Dear millygirl:
        You can find Hamantashen at any Jewish Bakery on Bathurst St.
        They not a fundamental requirement for the observance of the celebration of Purim, however.
        The actual requirements that you must fulfill (if you are Jewish, of course) are (1) hear the reading of the Megillah (Book of Esther) at both daytime and nighttime. (2) eat a festive meal with family and friends. (3) send at least two different edibles to at least two fellow Jews, and (4) give charity to the poor.
        Happy Purim.

        1. Did you get a craving after watching Chopped this week?
          It was one of the mystery basket ingredients and I didn't know what it was initially, lol.

            1. Oh yum now I'm craving a poppy seed one. Perhaps I should try my hand at making them.
              Milly girl, I still say our area (Danforth) is awesome for food but we are missing a good bagel place. Whenever I visit my parents I pop into Kivas at St. Clair and Yonge and get my fix, I'm sure they have will have some and it's not too far from home.

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                True enough Baelsette. A few years back we had Great Canadian Bagel and Kettleman's. While neither were very good, I was surprised Great Canadian didn't last.

                We really like Bagel House on Bayview but only for bagels.

                I may take a run over to Harbord tomorrow but I suspect unless I call ahead they will be sold out.

                I remember many moons ago Open Window was our go to spot and poppy seed was the only way to go....:)

                I considered making my own also, even looked up a few recipes, which seem pretty simple really - but we're doing a dinner party this evening and that's enough for me. LOL

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                  We bought some at Harbord Bakery this afternoon. The prune ones were delicious and they have a few other flavours. There was still a decent supply when we were there and I imagine they may bake more in the morning. Enjoy!

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                    I got some apple ones today from Pusateri's. They were from Harbord Bakery.