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Feb 22, 2013 01:48 PM

Honeymoon roadtrip Provence to Italian Lake District

My wife and I are going to be spending out honeymoon in Provence and the Italian lake district. We will be in Saint-Remy and then driving to Tremezzo on Lake Como. We're looking for suggestions for day trips in Provence and Italy, restaurant suggestions, an itinerary with stops from Provence to Lake Como (Coast vs Alps). We'll be there at the end of June and we'll have a car the entire time. Thanks in advance!

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    1. Leliasmaster,

      If you want to create a food-focused itinerary through Italy, you would do well to purchase the following guides:

      Gambero Rosso
      Osterie d'Italia
      Food Wine Genoa & The Italian Riviera (David Downie)
      Italy for the Gourmet Traveler (Fred Plotkin)

      The last one in particular will help you decide whether you would prefer a coastal vs. trans-Alps itinerary when it comes to food, although the specific restaurant recommendations need to be double-checked to make sure the restaurants are still open.

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        I would note that the recommendations in Downie and Plotkin predate 2009 (in Plotkins case - though it is a fantastic resource and I like Plotkins taste - the book has really not been re-researched, has received only minor updates since it was issued in 1996) and Downies book was published in 2008. I found Downie very helpful and reliable in my trip to Liguria last fall, however, though a handful of the listed places were no more.

        Its always smart to check and search online any recomendations - this is pretty easy now, fortunately, especially if you use google translate to look at italian websites and blogs. Both Gambero Rosso and Slowfood have apps now, but only for the I phone currently; you might find these helpful also viamichelin, in your trip planning.

        Hopefully OP will get some more targeted responses to their question!