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Feb 22, 2013 01:48 PM

to good to be true? Whole Filet Mignon sale at Woori Market(Little Tokyo) $6.99 a lb

I could hardly believe my eyes so I have attached pics to let you be the judge. Whole Filet Mignon's, trimmed quite decently but there is silver skin for $7 a lb. Now this is a deal, and I suspect the beef is . . . select . . . but I may just pull the trigger - however, 3lbs of tenderloin is a bit much for my household. I could easily just get a small package of Choice filet at Costco, for a similar price but obviously a lot less meat. Has anyone tried filet at Woori? Is this a deal that is simply too good pass up? Inquiring carnivores want to know . . .

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  1. Seems almost too good to be true to me as well...

    Given the latest beef fiasco in Western Europe, I'm almost tempted to say "Here, horsey, horsey, horsey..."

    1. I've found it at 99 ranch markets for 4.99 a pound. I bought it, trimmed it and split it into two roasts, saving the chains and trimmings separately. It was delicious. Don't know how often they have that sale though.

      1. Woori Market had live dungeness crab $4.99 a pound last weekend - a killer price. We saw the sale saturday, lots of crab in the CLEAN tank, went down Sunday to buy - they were all gone.

        So I'd believe the filet sale - looks like they do good stuff, but when it's gone, it's gone!