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Feb 22, 2013 01:11 PM

Does anyone know where to find traditional Jordanian food?

Hi guys!

I have been searching everywhere to find a restaurant or even deli that serves traditional Jordanian food.. but NO luck. There are tons of Middle Eastern, but I need traditional JORDANIAN. Please Help me out. I am willing to go anywhere in California for some traditional Mansef, Mujaddara, Bamya, Fatteh, and Athan Al-Shayeb. Thank you!!! I can't wait to hear what is recommended!

Have a beautiful day everyone!

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  1. These guys have mujaddara on the menu, although they bill themselves as Lebanese there is definitely crossover between the countries.

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        If you are down Orange County way is here a link to a post by one of our long time LA Hounds recommending a place with a Jordanian guy doing the cooking: - so this could be a promising find if the situation is still the same now as it was then...

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            Please be sure and come back to this thread and report on what you find and how you like it. That will be the very best "thank you" you could possibly bestow on us.

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            I have a friend who keeps recommending Olive Tree to me. He says that they have Jordanian dishes that he hasn't seen anywhere outside of Jordan and incredible specials.

      2. Came here to post Olive Tree. Too bad my favorite dishes (mansaf and freekeh) are Fridays only, which is tough with traffic. But the weekend kabsa is incredible and so are most of the other daily specials. Definitely one of the best places in OC Arabic or otherwise

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            Is there a place like this in LA county? This is definitely not your typical middle eastern.