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Feb 22, 2013 12:22 PM

Honeymoon roadtrip Provence to Italian Lake District

My wife and I are going to be spending out honeymoon in Provence and the Italian lake district. We are flying in to Nice, spending two nights there, 3 nights in Saint-Remy, and then driving to the Lake Como. We're looking for suggestions for day trips in Provence and Italy, restaurant suggestions, and perhaps the best route to get to Lake Como. We'll be there at the end of June and we'll have a car the entire time. Thanks in advance!

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  1. what days of the week will you be in St Rémy?

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      We'll be driving to Saint-Remy Sunday and departing for the lake district Wednesday morning.

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        Mas du Capoun in Mollégès (closed TUE)
        le Potager du Mas (in the Mas de la Rose) in Orgon (closed SUN/MON)
        Be sure to book in advance.
        As for daytime "entertainment", head northeast towards Gordes, Lacoste, Roussillon, Bonnieux & Lourmarin - stopping in Lourmarin for coffee or a pastis, and a simple lunch of Provençal pizza at la Flambée in Bonnieux (be sure to sit upstairs on the terrace). Maybe it'll be late enough in the season for you to see lavender at the Abbaye de Sénanque
        (Gordes). Try not to miss the Carrières de Lumières on D27 between St Rémy & les Baux (open every day).

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          This is pretty complete makes me even want to go

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            Not complete enough, since I needed to find a 3rd restaurant that "fits". I stand (actually, sit) corrected by myself, and now suggest le Bistrot du Paradou for Tuesday (instead of Potager du Mas). IF the OP is up for even more driving on the Sunday they drive in from Nice, I'd suggest heading down to Arles - a worthy place to visit - and going to the Atelier de Jean-Luc Rabanel for a splurge dinner.

    2. I don't know how the Moderators regard borders, but I'd feel more comfortable answering the Italian lakes part on the Italy site.
      (Short version - go to Orta not Garda, Como or Maggiore). It's where the Milanese go, not the Anglos/etc.

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        It's been cross-posted there as well, either way any suggestions you have would be appreciated. Thank you!

      2. There are quite a few good restaurants in Les Baux, plus it's one of the more interesting places to visit in that area of Provence. If you have time, drive up to Gigondas for some nice wine tasting, and a walk around Vaison La Romaine. The scenery is very diiferent than that of the more southern areas. There's not much in Saignon, but it's off the beaten track and does have one good restaurant (sorry don't remember the name as I think it's changed from when I was last there).

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          I'm guessing you mean La Petite Cave in Saignon - very good restaurant, but a bit far for dinner (and they're not open for lunch). As of last summer, le Presbytère was closed (in case that's the one you were thinking of).

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            Having just returned to Provence, I checked up on la Petite Cave to find out what they're up to now. They are doing only private affairs at their old venue (min 12 people). They have another restaurant with a terrace (le Petit Café on Place de l'Horloge), where they will be serving breakfast & lunch only (the latter will be an inexpensive set menu, plus sandwiches) - from 8am to 5pm TUE-SAT.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. If you can, a worthwhile stop going across the mountains is Torino. A wonderful little city, under-touristed, great food, great character. The original Eataly is there, so much better than the branches.

            Also the Mole Antonielliana. (Tall old wooden tower, gorgeous, the symbol of the city).