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Feb 22, 2013 11:54 AM

ISO Fresh Curry Leaves

Anyone know where to source these in the ID/Downtown/Capitol Hill/Queen Anne-ish area? (I'm limited by public transport so heading to the eastside isn't ideal.)

I've only tried Uwajimaya - didn't have time to wander through other grocers in the ID - and can't recall seeing them in Pike Market.


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  1. At 12th and jefferson there is a small mini-mart called South Sea that carries a lot of Indian groceries. They might have them. I am 90% certain I've purchased them at the Souk in the market too.

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    1. I saw some just yesterday at HT Mart at Oaktree up on Auroroa/100th. I'm not sure how much that helps as it may be a bit out of the way. But, if HT has them you are likely to find them at Viet Wah on Jackson in the ID.

      1. i know it's out of your way, but ranch market 99 in shoreline carries the fresh curry leaves on a regular basis.

        1. I used to get them (kept refrigerated) at the Souk in Pike Place Market.