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Chocolate-covered Katie

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A friend mentioned loving the Cookie Dough Dip from this blog, which features healthy/healthier dessert recipes. They are not sugar-free, but focus on sweetening without added sugars, and often sub healthier starches for regular flour


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  1. Her recipes aren't very good. I've tried to infamous cookie dough dip & the pie...Both weren't very good at all. Her nutritional information is also off on some of her recipes & her serving sizes are ridiculously small. I am not sure why she has such a following...Just not a fan, i suppose.

    1. I'm sorry, but that just looks awful.

      1. Stupid question, but what the hell is the fun of dessert if it's healthy? That's why fruit exists. Literally every single health-conscious dessert recipe I've tried has left me completely unsatisfied. I'd rather have just a couple bites of something indecently rich. Just looking at those recipes makes me want to go split a hot fudge brownie sundae with someone. Extra hot fudge, please.

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          I don't disagree with you, but those with certain allergies and other medical considerations don't have your options. I initiated this thread because requests for such recipes frequently appear on this board: http://www.chow.com/search?query=%22h...

        2. Try this glorious recipe: http://www.unrefinedkitchen.com/2012/...

          I have made a batch a week since I discovered them. I prefer then without the optional chips inside, I just like them coated in the chocolate/coconut oil.

          1. I like her blog! I mean I like to look at what she makes. I've tried a few of her recipes and they are OK. I can often find a way to improve them. Like her breakfast cookies, just add a tablespoon of sucanat and they tasted pretty good for breakfast.

            As someone who is allergic to wheat, dairy and eggs, it is a lot of fun to read her blog. She is upbeat and unpretentious, with some fun ideas. I do "like fruit" too. I just eat it a lot during the day and sometimes I would like something else.

            1. Coincidentally I saw a show called L'Epicerie which highlighted a home cook who used various vegetables in her baking. She featured brownies with eggplant, various cupcakes and treats with brocoli and of all things brussel sprouts. Her taste tasters were children who loved the goods.