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Feb 22, 2013 09:45 AM

Looking For A Greengrocer...

When I was a kid, one of our local news broadcasts had a segment called "The Greengrocer". He would just talk for a minute or two about the produce currently available, what was good, what was in short supply for whatever reason, and sometimes he'd have advice about what to do with less common varieties. I started looking for a website that would give me similar information...what is available where in cheap abundance. I was surprised when I couldn't find anything. I don't just mean lists of what should be available where and when because as crazy as weather has been the last decade or so, those lists aren't really reliable anymore. Does anyone have any favorite places to get current produce information?

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  1. This is a local Chicago wholesaler's site. The Market Report section is updated regularly and has some seasonal recommendations. There is also other useful information there.

    1. Perhaps a site run by a local veg box delivery company would have up to date seasonal information. One I know is saying that's currently - leeks, celeriac, parsnip and Savoy cabbage

        1. For local produce availability, - just click on your state.
          Local news channels sometime have a regular produce segment. In the NY Tristate area, it's Produce Pete on the local NBC station.

          ETA: From his website - he does a segment on WCAU Channel 10 in Philadelphia, every Sunday and Wednesday.

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            I'm in Philadelphia...I wonder why I didn't find him? When I was a kid, The Greengrocer was on channel 6, our ABC affiliate. I'll look him up now!

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              I looked at your profile to see where you live, hence the Philly info:)
              PP always does segments on in season produce and usually discusses what things cost and how to best store and use/prepare them.