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Feb 22, 2013 09:27 AM

Need Special Restaurant for Group: ~30 mile radius from Hartford

Hi all,
I'm looking for a fine dining establishment that could accomodate anywhere from 12-20 people for a special anniversary dinner for our parents. They live a little east of Hartford, so anything in that vicinity, maybe extending northeast and northwest. One main consideration is we don't want it too noisy....Dad doesn't hear so well.....

So far, I'm considering a few of these options, and would like opinions and other suggestions:
Still River Cafe (Are they reopened yet? Can't seem to find out!)
Mill at 2T

Bonus points for farm to table leanings....Looking forward to the Chowhound help!!!!

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  1. Those are three excellent choices. However, Mill at 2T is too small to accommodate 20 people. I don't believe SRC has re-opened since it was flooded a while ago. I could be wrong on that but even if they are ready to re-open, they typically aren't open until mid-Spring. Not sure when your parents anniversary is. You should call SRC and see what their plans are regarding re-opening. On 20 is probably your best bet but it's primarily a lunch restaurant. I believe it's only open for dinner on Thursdays and Fridays. I would normally recommend Pip's at the Copper Beech Inn in Ivoryton. The front dining room is charming and meets your noise criteria. My only concern is that the chef (ironically formerly with On 20) recently announced he was leaving so I can't vouch for the food. I'm not sure if a new chef has been named yet. Another place to consider is the upstairs dining room at L&E in Chester. I'm not sure though if they can accommodate 20. Piccolo Arancio in Farmington has very good Italian (not just pasta, amazing Osso Bucco, for example) and does have a private room off the bar that can probably fit 20. Firebox in Hartford is first rate. I doubt you want a steakhouse but if that's acceptable, there is a Morton's in downtown Hartford. Grants in West Hartford is also very good. Let us know where you end up. Good luck!

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        My parents have been going there for YEARS, and my Mom just told me how the last 2 times there were really disappointing. That would have been my go-to, until I heard that.....thanks, though!!

      2. Try Millwrights in Simsbury. They have a private event space, the food is amazing and the location and venue beautiful.

        1. Bricco Trattoria in Glastonbury has a room but you need to have either 18 people or a minimum food/bar bill of $1200 to get it. Shouldn't be a problem if it's a celebration.

          I love the place, find it as good, if not better than the WH Bricco.

          And few do farm to table as well as Firebox

          1. Thanks to everyone for their lovely suggestions. In the end, the group decided that something less upscale and a little more budget-friendly and family-friendly would work best for our party. We are going with Fiore in Middletown.....but I have learned alot about some great CT spots and have them stored for future reference!