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Feb 22, 2013 08:34 AM

Klyde Warren Park - quiet casual grown-up cocktails-coffee-dessert

Looking for someplace near Klyde Warren Park to go after dinner for coffee, cocktails or dessert -- neither raucous/loud music/20something scene, nor $$$$$ chi-chi snobby scene.

Just someplace reasonably quiet and "nice," but relaxed and comfortable too. What do you think?

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  1. Sambuca is nearby and might suit your needs. As well as two hotels. The Ritz and The Crescent.

    Both hotels, although considered high end and expensive, do have more casual areas you might enjoy. The bar at The Crescent is very comfortable and serves coffee and desserts.

    1. This might seem chi chi snobby, but is not. We like sitting on the leather sofas at Rattlesnake inside Ritz Carlton. We often order coffee, dessert and then cocktails. But...we only do this if we can snag a leather sofa; experience is not the same in the main bar area or in the restaurant.

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      1. re: pepper131

        I agree. Especially recommended on a weeknight. It gets a bit frazzled and busy on a weekend night for my tastes. But mid afternoon, or week night, it's a great little place, and not the least bit snooty.

      2. Thank you both! Sounds great.

        I am thinking of a place like the bar at the Belmont, or Cedars Social, or something like that -- not sure if that exists in that neighborhood.

        Will check these places out, thanks.

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        1. re: BenjaminL

          The bar at the Belmont is very low key. As in, no atmosphere! But, at the attached Smoke restaurant, coffee and dessert are always available. But it's not very close to the park.

        2. I would consider The Stoneleigh Hotel on Maple or The Melrose Hotel on Oak Lawn.

          1. Saint Ann, you will like this place, especially the weather now.