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Feb 22, 2013 08:06 AM

French Corner Patisserie, Great Patisserie and Bakery

Just finished purchasing a baguette from French Corner Patisserie at 224 Dundas W, Mississauga. The bread here is really good, the baguette is not like a baguette from Loblaw’s, even though Loblaw’s baguette is not all that bad. It is just that French Corner Patisserie baguette is far better. One issue I have with most baguette’s are that they have a pale crust, which means the curst becomes soft which is something that is not generally wanted in a baguette, you know that Wonder Bread style crust. The crust is very crispy and a golden almost dark crust, which means it is chewy. And the bread is soft and a slight sourness, not unlike a mild sour dough flavour. The bread here is baked properly, a nice golden brown crust that is chewy and wonderful mild sour dough. I took a little bite on the drive home and had a hard time not eating the whole baguette!

Before the wonderful baguette, I had a decent Americano, two chocolate macarons and my daughter had a chocolate croissant. The Americano had a nice crema, but the macarons are one of the best around imho. The ganache was real ganache, just cream and chocolate; the macarons are just really really good. The chocolate croissant was also very good, my daughter ate 1.5 croissants.

The display case has a wonderful selection of all different types of cakes, tarts, even Belgian cookies. Most places either do half decent bread or patisserie, not this place; they do great bread and great patisserie! It’s rare to find a place that does both really good.

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  1. Yup. If you do a search, you'll see they're well-liked out here in the bread boonies.

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      Yes I now see, maybe my post should be moved.

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        Didn't know about this - thanks for the tip!

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          Why Pastryrocks? The place deserves recognition. Rents being what they are out here, indie stores of all sorts can rarely afford locations where the Mississauga shopping herds--and their $$$--pass regularly.

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            Kagemusha I agree with you, not only does this place deserve recognition. But there is a post that someone else started. That being said, where can you find both great pastries/cakes and also breads like this place. Generally as a rule you find one or the other, but not both, and then to top it off in Mississauga! The bread here not only has a proper crust, and then also dense and soft inside at the same time, but is also has flavour and then the cost, it makes no sense to go elsewhere. If you are use to bread from the grocery store, then you are in for a very big surprise. When I lived in Montreal back in the mid 80’s there was a few places that made a decent baguette, they almost had the crust, but where very light and not much flavour. The baguette here goes way beyond what you can get. I’m sitting there and then out comes fresh focaccia, and what I believe fresh focaccia with potatoes slices! And if that was not enough, a woman comes out with a fine selection of French macaroons, I mean really how can one sit inside and drink a good cup of Americano and not just buy one thing, you can’t!

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              The ONLY thing working against them is their poor visibility and location in that dead zone along Dundas east of the Credit. Thanks to zoning and the lack of commercial space nearby, thousands of hungry UTM students have to put up with institutional/fast food glop. French Corner would be a gold mine if it was closer to campus.

      2. Agreed! The cakes there are wonderful, I allow myself to indulge in the strawberry shortcake once a year for my birthday! The croissants are pretty great too, but I have yet to try the baguettes and coffee!

        1. Nice to know there is one (?) option in Mississauga (if I'm in the area).

          Is the location in a plaza? Easy to see from the street?

          1. I went in this morning and was really happy that I went out of my normal path to get here.

            They were just finished baking apple turnovers and I snatched one up in addition to a fresh croissant, macaron, and Americano.

            The scent of caramelized sugars, butter, and flour just fills the entire bakery. The warm apple turn over was delicious. Flakey with real chunks of apples and perfectly balanced with cinnamon. It was not the jammy soggy wonder bread overly sweet lumps found in most places.

            The croissant is probably the best I've had west of the 427 and I dare say comparable to decent bakeries downtown. It was flakey, wonderfully layered, buttery, light, and just made. And it was two times the size of my palm. I really liked it.

            I didn't eat the maracon yet but it's on my dessert plate tonight. They had butter tarts, rustic fruit tarts, tarte tatin, organic loaves, and tons of cakes.

            The other great thing I'd the service. Even before 9 am, the service was pleasant , friendly, and patient as they explained everything. The baker even purposely chose items on the racks fresh from the oven instead of ones that were cooled only an hour!

            Thanks for the recommendation. I'm definitely going back!