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Feb 22, 2013 07:57 AM

Kinnaree Thai on Ellesmere at Pharmacy - What's good there?

I like the menu a lot. Seems fairly purist with a few deep fried nods to the neighbourhood. What's it like to dine in and what dishes would you recommend?

Without wanting to sound like too much of a jerk, I'll say it anyway. I was spoiled at my last condo by being within 5 minutes walking distance to both Mengrai and Sukho Thai. I don't need it to be of that high a standard, but if I see ketchup I'll be taking my leave.

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  1. Lunch package: pad thai, mango salad & spring roll. The mango salad is very fresh and reminded me of years-gone-by mango salad from Thai Shan Inn. Pad thai is not ketchupy. I'll pass the spring roll. IMHO nothing beats Indonesian spring rolls (with bamboo shoot, shrimp & pork fillings).

    Dinner. Tom Yum soup is decent. Beef massaman is very good, thick coconut sauce, real south east asian spices with heat.

    Service is very attentive. First time we went, we forgot to mention not to sprinkle peanuts since my son is allergic to. 2nd time and subsequent visits - they asked "'without peanuts?". We really appreciate this.

    I don't venture downtown other than bringing visitors or for theater show. I have not tried downtown great Thai restaurants so can't compare the quality.
    Kinnaree lady cook is from Thailand. Definitely she uses asian spices and don't dilute/tame them to cater to those who aren't used to.

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      The story of them recalling your son's allergy to peanuts after only one visit is enough reason for me. That's the level of care one should always show. The fact that Massaman Beef is one of my fave dishes is just icing. Thanks.

    2. is this the former location of "Thai angels"?

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      1. We tried this place on Saturday night - it was empty when we arrived but filled up closer to 7. We tried the coconut soup, the beef massaman and the golden curry with chicken. It was so good I was still thinking about it the next day. I’ve never tried coconut soup but my boyfriend has, and I was expecting it to be sweet. Instead it was very flavourful with a lot of depth – you could taste the sweetness of the coconut broth but it wasn’t overwhelming, as well as all the other seasoning. It was a light and refreshing soup – ours had chicken and mushrooms, but they had other meat/meatless versions. Next were our curries – nicely presented in porcelain bowls, and garnished well, we dug in. The beef massaman was spicier than I was expecting but in a good way – it had a nice kick to it, and it wasn’t just on one note. The vegetables and meat were generous in both curries. I really enjoyed the flavor of the massaman. Then we dug into the yellow curry – I was hoping the curry would have a distinctly different taste, as too often I find places will use the same base and just make minor changes. This was definitely different in terms of flavour, a little milder, but still had a bit of spice. We really enjoy spicy food so this was a nice surprise, but I’m sure they would turn down the heat level for anyone who preferred less. At this point we were stuffed, and the servings were very large so we had more than half left, but since I was craving something sweet, we had the sticky coconut rice with mango. This was nothing extraordinary but not overwhelmingly sweet, so a nice finish to the meal. The service was great, although a touch slow – there was only one person manning the room though so it was understandable and he was very apologetic for the delay – but our food came out relatively fast, it was just a bit of a wait to get the bill, nothing major though. The people were very friendly and seemed genuinely interested in what we’d thought – we both loved it and will definitely be going back. It’s a cute, clean place and they seem to really put their heart into their cooking. It looked like they had a lot of take-out (and maybe even delivery) business going on at the front of the restaurant, so I hope they continue to do well. They also serve halal meat for those that only eat halal. The menu was very extensive, so I’m excited to go back and try some more options, but I’m still craving some more of that beef massaman! My boyfriend has always told me that there weren’t any good Thai places in his area, so we were really excited to find this gem thanks to CH!

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          To me, Massaman beef is Thai comfort food. I really have to go with Beau soon. Thanks for the interesting write-up.

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            Since Thai Plate, on Bathurst St. north of Lawrence Ave.) went belly up some months ago, I've been casting about for a replacement in north Toronto that doesn't take me more than 20 minutes from my humble lodgings near Yonge and York Mills. Now, thanks to an offhand tip on another thread on this board, I think I've found it: Kinnaree, in a small strip plaza on Ellesmere Rd. just east of Victoria Park Ave. I don't know how it compares to Khao San Road or Sukhothai, the two downtown Thai shrines, having never noshed at those exalted places. And it's no match for the range of menu and deft execution of Lotus of Siam, in Las Vegas, long regarded as the best Thai in North America, where I invariably get to when I'm in that town. But as a suburban Thai joint in Toronto, Kinnaree is pretty damn good. The menu is similarly comprehensive to the late Thai Plate's, as are the prices (about $5 for soups, $8 for salads, $9-$11 for most mains). Portions are substantial (two light eaters could easily share a main, for example). And everything has, as noted above on another post, a depth of flavour, unmatched by many of the uptown Thai spots I've tried. I was with a friend who'd just come off a two-week cycling (and overeating) tour of Thailand. And after getting over his disappointment at there not being Khao Soi on the menu - a difficult dish to replicate well in Canada - he dived right in and pronounced everything else he ate reasonably close to what he'd browsed on in the restos, markets, alleyways and street stalls of Thailand. We shared soups, a first-rate mango salad, a pad thai and a chicken mussaman (and a couple of Thai beers), and left (with a doggie bag) well fed, content, and feeling that all's right with the world. Clean room, nice decor, good service, a modest bill. Not much action in the dining room for a Thursday night, but a steady stream of takeout. Next time I get the urge, I'll be back to give the rest of the menu a workout. To whoever tipped me off to this joint, much thanks.

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              That'd be knusprig who gave the original tip. So yeah, thank YOU knusprig.

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                thanks for the credit ... but truly we have to thank chow-smfan who mentioned Kinnaree on this thread

                otherwise I would not know its existence.

        2. I'll answer my own question. The "red curry shrimp with pineapple and lychee" is the sort of dish I could eat all day. Wonderful big flavours in the curry, fat tender shrimp, and a 1-2 punch from the fruit. Outstanding.

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            Thanks, I'll note that for my next visit. The one dish I've always ordered so far is their mango salad.

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              That sounds delish. When I lived in Van there was a Thai place up the street that had a red duck curry that I loved! Thus sounds like a similar flavour profile, if that makes any sense, and I've been looking to satisfy that craving!

            2. Nice. I tried Thai Angels a couple of times and was not impressed. Will definitely check this place out.

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                If you like chicken satay, their's is worth a try. The chicken pieces weren't skimpy, say about an inch-1.25" wide. If you order them, they're big enough for 4 people to share easily. They come with what was clearly house-made peanut sauce and a lovely chili dip served separately so you can go sweet & salty or sweet & hot or all of the above if you like.

                They're not reinventing any wheels here. They're just giving proper care to the classics.

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                  That's all I usually want. :)

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                    I work up that way one day a week and I've been a few times. The lunch specials are great value with a large mango salad included. Like most mango salads in the city, it's a bit sweet and lacking in heat, acid and fish sauce, but refreshing. I find the curries very tasty but a bit thin. Overall, better than average.

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                      We just had lunch at Kinnaree and wow was it good. Spring rolls were excellent.I had the Red Chicken Curry [extra spicy] and my husband had the Spicy Beef .All was delicious !!! Can't wait to go back.
                      The owner was a very nice sweet man and he said he also does a lot of catering and they are open 7 days a week.
                      there are several other restaurants there in that strip. Any one tried the others?

                      1. re: wylie1

                        If you like Hakka, China Cottage is pretty good. They have a very reasonable lunch special.