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Feb 22, 2013 07:28 AM

Relatively modest but yummy place to eat near Film Forum

Hi-We are going to Film Forum tonight, and will need to grab a bit after the film. Any recommendations for a place that is nearby and relatively inexpensive/moderately priced? There are so many restaurants in the area, but many are on the more expensive side. We eat and enjoy all kinds of cuisine.
Thanks for any tips!

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  1. Hi,

    I'm a fan of Quinto Quarto close by which is not expensive but fun pasta. Also a fan of Bar Pitti which is similarly inexpensive and close but frequently more crowded.

    Also would rec Mas La Grillade if you're willing to dive a bit more pricey or John's for pizza!

    1. Buvette on Grove St, near Bleecker. About a 5-8 minute walk. I went for a date, it was about $100 for two starters, two mains and dessert with a bottle of wine. So... cut out the bottle of wine and you're looking at $60.