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Feb 22, 2013 07:17 AM

Reinvent the leftovers in my fridge

I have half a meat loaf, some vodka tomato sauce, a bit of (not great) mashed potatoes.

The most appealing idea I read for the leftover meatloaf was biscuits and gravy. I would rather not go the sandwich idea, although I recognize that broken into chunks on a sub roll with the tomato sauce would be a tasty "meatball" sub. I am not a fan of sandwiches for dinner though.

I guess I could just crumble it up with the sauce and serve over pasta. That would be easy.

Any other thoughts?

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  1. Make a "Shepard's Pie" out of it by mincing the meatloaf,maybe add some peas and carrots and mix in the tomato sauce. Add an egg or two to your mashed potatoes and top the pie. Bake until golden brown on top.
    Maybe add shredded cheese on top and broil at the end.

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      What a brilliant idea monavano! We should have an ongoing thread asking "What to do w/ these leftovers!"

      1. re: monavano

        I did think of shepherd's pie, but thought it might dry out. The addition of the tomato sauce I did not think of. This would help.

      2. Going with your pasta idea, you could make simple ravioli with wonton wrappers.
        Mince/crumble meatloaf and put a spoonful of that, and a spoonful of mashed potatoes in your ravioli. Cook in simmering water, drain and top with tomato sauce.

        1. I also thought shepherd's pie, as well as gnocchi with a tomato meat sauce.

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            I was just going to suggest the gnocchi!

          2. Turn the mash potatoes into fried patties and spoon a meatloaf tomato sauce mix over the top!

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              Creative ideas everyone! Thanks!!

            2. You may be able to pull off a Shepards Pie with w thin layer of mashed on top.

              Sorry monavano, didn't see you post before I posted!