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Feb 22, 2013 07:15 AM

A nice little italian gem at Langstaff and Weston Rd. :)

So the other day Im at work and a buddy from work has some food that looks pretty good. I asked him where he got it and he tells me this place called "grappa trattoria" and tells me where it is which is langstaff and weston rd.

I went there the other day, and the place is a great little gem for those like old school italian and great value for the money.The place definitley isnt fancy. It's kind of like a small run down version of nino diversa but with much better food and very nice portions.

For 10 bucks I got bruschetta, pasta, chicken cutlet, patato's and vegetables for like 10 bucks. Coulnd't even breath

Everything I had was good and everything I didn't have looked good. If your looking for a nice little hidden gem I'd definitley give this place a go. I loved it and will make it a regular. I must mention though that it closes early. By 5:30 she's pretty much closing up shop.

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  1. Is it a sit down restaurant or is everything served from a hot table?

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    1. re: kwass

      Everything is served from the hot table, then you just go and pick a table to sit at.

        1. re: kwass

          If your not comfortable eating there, get it to go, she'll still load your container up.

    2. nice....i work in the area and will definitely check it out.

      any other recommendations in the area???

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      1. re: dmartins123

        Nooo, I been in this area for 2 years now and finding good places is still a struggle. This place will be a staple for me though. I really liked it.

        1. re: C mac

          Since you're new to the area c mac...not sure if you've found a pizza place that you like yet. If not, may I recommend Mario's. Their pizza is some of the best I've had.

          1. re: kwass

            I like Ricci's for a pizza slice now and then.

            There is also Vincentina meats for sandwiches. Lunchtime gets pretty busy.

            There is a really good middle eastern place for kebabs at edgely and portage (near lowes).

            1. re: kwass

              Hey Kwass, Im always up to try new places and defintley would like to find a new pizza joint up in my hood. I usually order Dante's which breaks the bank or Abruzzo's. Where is Mario's? Is it in that same mall?


              I just came back from Grappa's today and noticed Ricci's right beside it. Ill check it out sometimes but Emily (the only and sweet Italian lady at Grappa's ) really laods up my container. Today I could only half and half the rest for tomorrow :)

              1. re: C mac

                Mario's is on Jane, just South of Major Mack. I'm pretty sure it's take out only. Definitely worth a try!!

                1. re: kwass

                  Ohhh...I know that place, I actually tried it and wasn't that big on it. It'a amost right acorss from the Wonderland entrance.

                  1. re: C mac

                    Exactly. Sorry to hear you didn't like it.