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Feb 22, 2013 06:56 AM

Best Cuban Sandwich - Pittsburgh Blue

Since I ate at Sandy's in Key West. With a fair amount of trepidation, took my Mom to Pittsburgh Blue at the Galleria yesterday for lunch. Interesting menu - really it all looked good. Prices I expected for the location and as my Mom said "this is a very classy place!" Server, who was very competent, did mention the Cuban sandwich, which I happen to love. And am almost ALWAYS disappointed in. Not so! What a great sandwich. Lovely cumin spiced pulled pork, crispy ham, cheese and a great mustard aioli sauce. The bread was described as a hoagie bun, but whatever it was, it was also really great.
My Mom had the scallops benedict and they were pretty fantastic too. Not a huge amount of food, but incredibly rich and well prepared. Perfect for my little ole Mommy.
The only downside, the wine by the glass was actually more expensive than our entrees. Again, not unexpected, and if you forgo the vino, a good deal. But who wants to do that when you are having lunch with your Mom?

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  1. Thanks for the tip, as I'm also a sucker for a good Cuban sandwich, which are in pretty short supply around the Cities.

    From their website it looks like the Cuban is only on the lunch menu - do you know if that's available on the weekends, or is it just the brunch menu?

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      Sorry, I don't. I think it is well worth the effort though. Now I just want another one.

      1. re: shanemio

        Sounds good! I've had good meals at Pittsburgh Blue. I particularly like their seafood Cobb salad, which has either lobster or crab in it, along with shrimp and other more typical Cobbgredients.

        For a good Cuban in Minneapolis, I recommend Victor's 1959 Cafe.

    2. I've not tried it yet, but there's a Cubano on the menu at ALM Corner Cafe. I have had the arepas and cachapas, and they were great, so I suspect the Cuban would be as well.

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      1. re: Danny

        And... of course... they're closing... Forever... On March 30th.

        Go there while you can. Good stuff!

      2. Everyone always seems surprised when they get good food there. I can see why (Parasole + Suburbs), but I've never had anything but a good experience.

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          I agree with you K47. I was surprised, but then again, I don't think the reviews I read gave me a very positive impression. Not bad, but not great, either. I do have to say, I was absolutely surprised by this sandwich.