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Feb 22, 2013 06:00 AM

Does anyone make their own mustard?

If so are there some hints you would pass on?

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  1. I've made mustard a few times, but never got into it enough to pass on tips. However, it is very easy and the possibilities are almost endless, from your basic yellow to old-fashioned brown, to hot&spicy, to herb infused, and everything in between.


      Puffin3, this primer is really well outlined. My sister follows this method and produces some intense flavored mustards.

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        Thanks for that. I've bookmarked the site. Can't wait to get started!

      2. I've done it off and on for years. It's very easy, and as porker said, the possibilities are endless. I did some really great ones using brown mustard seed and various spirits and liqueurs.

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              Ahhhhh. 'The Onion' eh? I only hope the poor sap got himself into a good 'ten-step' program. ; )))

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                Really!! The mustard fumes alone would help me to cut back. Or, is it high on mustard fumes...

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                Not unlike some of us posting on Chowhound at all hours of the day and night, talking about food, recipes, habits, restaurants, spirits....

                I'm too far gone at this point.

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                I thought it was a gag article, but then saw the mustard flames still flickering in his hollowed out eye sockets.

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                  That's great. I actually subscribe to the catalog from that mustard museum. Good stuff.

                2. Sort of. I avoid products with unnecessary added sugar, but practically every prepared mustard has sugar added. Awhile back I found Löwensenf Extra, which contains nothing but mustard seed, vinegar, water, and salt. I use this as a base to make other mustard sauces, adding dry hot mustard flour to punch it up, and other ingredients as desired.