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Feb 22, 2013 05:39 AM

More takeout questions... H Street NE

Any good suggestions for takeout from H Street NE? I live on the Hill (SE) and as a new parent am always looking for places to get tasty food from. Does anyone have experience with Toki Underground takeout? or recs for other places on H Street?

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  1. I like Toki alot (good comfort food for me), but I've never had their takeout though.

    Not sure how well ramen holds up for takeout, and then reheated.

    1. went with takeout from toki underground tonight and wanted to report back. we ordered about 45min ahead of time and the takeout was fabulous! they packaged the broth separately from the noodles/meat/veggies, etc. which ensured nothing was soggy. I highly recommend it and look forward to future ramen meals without the wait!!