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Feb 22, 2013 04:45 AM

Quick Lunch near Bridgeport CT / Port Jeff ferry

need a quick lunch or even something to go before I hope on the ferry Monday in B'port. Thanks

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  1. Hi,
    My wife and I once stumbled into a good sandwich shop about a five-minute walk from the Port Jeff ferry, but I don't remember the name or address. Looking at Yelp, however, I see that there is a place called Sweet Magnolia Cafe quite close to the ferry. Might be it.

    1. For sit-down, I would suggest Barnum Publick House on the corner of Broad and John. They seem to get the lunch crowd through in a timely manner and the lunches are very good. (I like the tomato soup and grilled cheese) For take-out, I like Bagel King on Fairfield Ave. or Take Time Cafe on the corner of Broad and State. Sorry, I work in downtown Bpt. and have never heard of Sweet Magnolia, but restaurants have been in and out quickly lately.

      1. Jimmy & Maria's is an great Italian deli on John St

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          I second this. Amici Mei is a nice casual italian. Ralph & Rich's is upscale italian.

        2. Never been here myself, but I've heard good things and I thought you might like this. It's about 2 miles away from the ferry.

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            I have not been for a few years, but I found the prices to be high and the portion sizes small. This is a different kind of experience, definitely not grab and go. And it may be 2 miles as the crow flies but it is a far distance to drive to the ferry terminal.