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Rainhas (Corona) or other churrascarias?

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Has anyone been to Rainhas Churrascaria in Corona (where Greenfields used to be)? If so, how is it? And/or do you know of any other churrascarias in Queens or Brooklyn?

I'm hoping to find a decent place that is less expensive than then Plataforma places in Manhattan. (For example, Rainhas is $33 per person, compared to $63 at Plataforma.)

Thanks in advance for any info.

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  1. Oh dear. I just read horrible Yelp reviews for Rainhas. Is anything else out there?!?

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      There is, but you'll need to go further east. Churrascaria Bairrada in Mineola (Jericho Turnpike & Willis Avenue).

      It's really a Portuguese restaurant specializing in Bairrada regional cuisine which is to say: Heavy on the meat.

      Not sure it has the all-u-can-eat system, but certainly worth a try for the authentic presentation of leitao, roast kid in red wine sauce, frango (butterflied, marinated and grilled chicken) served with rice and French fries.