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Feb 22, 2013 03:42 AM

Hong Kong Chowmeet on Saturday March 23rd

I am planning a Chowmeet in Hong Kong for the 23rd of March, around 7 PM. At the moment we have around 7 possible attendants. If you are interested in joining in, contact me at cable2 @

The Restaurant has not finally been chosen, but it seems like there is a big chance it will be Guo Fu Lu private kitchen in TST.

This is a rather "light-hearted" chowmeet, so it is welcome to bring your partner along!

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  1. So, for anybody interested, I would need your answer soon to add you to the booking. We are 12 people at the moment, booked at Guo Fu Lou private kitchen in TST.

    9 course set menu includes:
    fried prawns with spring onion
    giant grouper (2 ways)
    sautéed fillet
    braised head and brisket
    crispy fried chicken
    double boiled lily bulbs and lotus seed

    for 780 HK$ - head including service charge

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    1. re: NilesCable

      Niles - thanks for arranging this you selected another fine meal with some really good food and excellent company.
      Are you planning to post any photos?

      1. re: PhilD

        I plan to post the photos I made when I am back home, will take some days. It was a very nice evening and great meeting you all again and I really look forward to have a meet again next year. Or if one of you comes to Austria, you are highly welcome, I will set something up!

        1. re: NilesCable

          Thanks again, Niles!

          That braised fish head and brisket was a standout for me. Soooo good! Any guesses how they cooked it? Was it twice cooked you think (deep fried or grilled first then stir fried)?

          1. re: p0lst3r

            Thats a good question. On the menu it just said braised head and Beef brisket. But it truly was outstanding.

            Having had another chowmeet the next day at Ming Court under their new Chef I have to say that Guo Fu Lou was quite better this year, so we choose the right place!

            1. re: NilesCable

              NilesCable - if you post a photo of the "braised fish head and brisket" dish, we *may* be able to tell you what kind of cooking technique was used.

              1. re: klyeoh

                I will upload the photos soon, hope you will be able to tell me