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Feb 21, 2013 10:17 PM

Sarasota - Where to buy rabbit?

Any place to buy preferably fresh or frozen rabbit in/around Sarasota?

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  1. i cannot say with authority as I haven't gotten rabbit for years and that was in bradenton. But i would start with Geier's Sausage Kitchen, Morton's Market and The Butchers Block. That would be where I would start. Good luck and post back if you find some. I wouldn't mind having some again

    1. I've seen frozen rabbit in my local Frest Market. The one down by you might also carry it.

      1. i called a few places and The Fresh Market does not carry it but Morton's market does and will order it for you and have it in in three days. The man couldn't find the price. Also Alpine Steakhouse has them right now and they are 4.89 a lb and if you call ahead he will thaw it and butcher it for you. Happy hunting.

        1. Inter City Meats, on North Lime is a wholesale operation that sells to the public, I have purchased rabbit, quail, and Beef Tongue there, the rabbits are frozen and if I recall correctly they were about $10.00/ea for about 3-4 lb. whole rabbit.