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SAN DIEGO where's the gelato? Gelato Vera won't do.

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Gelato Vera on India is where I get my usual fix, but the last couple of visits were disappointing. Runny, messy and accompanied by a blaring screechy soundtrack of guitar feedback. Total gulp and go.
So where in the county can I find some tasty gelato? More options the better! Thanks.

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  1. Cafe Zucchero in Little Italy is good. They're on India and Date.

    1. The gelatoria in La Jolla is by far the best. We've tried them all in the San Diego area

      1. I agree with Gelateria in La Jolla. Many flavors, most of them very good. The owner doesn't always seem pleasant but that might just be her mannerism. Prices have been raised significantly in the last few months, but still worth it.

        1. Rolandyung, by "Gelateria" do you mean "Gelateria Frizzante" @ 1025 Prospect Street? Just want to make sure that I go to the correct place for toothsome gelato. Thanks!

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          1. There is actually a cute gelato place on Coronado (located on a side street across from the Del) that is actually pretty good. We found it by accident a few months ago. Prices were reasonable and the gelato was great. Sorry, but I don't remember the name.

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              I've stumbled across this place before, too, and was pleasantly surprised. Definitely topped my experiences at Gelato Vera. I want to say it was called "Gelato Bean" or "Beans N' Gelato" or something like that ... I remember smirking at the name, since it was solely a gelato and coffee shop. Also, I think it was on C Ave.
              My husband disagrees with me, but I thought the gelato was sweeter than what we had in Italy. We both thought the texture, though, was spot-on.

            2. I've only had samples - but Whole Foods in Hillcrest has a Ciao Bella gelato stand in the store now. Maybe not the dining experience you're looking for - but they have lots of flavors. The places in LJ and Coronado that other people mentioned sound interesting. I don't like Cafe Zucchero's gelato much personally - it's a little too sweet and the texture just isn't right to me.

              1. Wasnt there a post about a gelateria in east village near Petco? Or did I imagine that???

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                  There is one in East Village near Petco called Mondo Gelato.

                2. There's a "new" one attached to the Artist Co-op on Newport Ave in OB. It opened with the co-op this past summer, it may only be open on weekends durring the winter though - not sure.