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Feb 21, 2013 09:40 PM

Northern NJ church ladies who make pierogies to raise money

Good evening everyone. I know that there are many churches who do this at certain times of the year. However, I read an article on a Northern NJ church where some of the ladies make pierogies and the church sells them. I think they do it year-round. The chuch was in Clifton, I think. Maybe somewhere else.

Does anyone remember the story or know the church? Thank you in advance.

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  1. Ela, I'm pretty sure the church you are looking for is the
    Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Ascension Church
    655 Broad St
    Clifton , NJ 07013
    (973) 471-8131
    I've passed it a number of times and they always have the sign out for the pierogies. I think it's one day a week that you can pick them up. Give them a call to find out.
    Hope that helps you out.

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    1. re: nizza

      Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate it. I was looking all over for the article and couldn't find it.

      I am going to call -- and thank you again!

    2. I don't know about that church, but there is a church on Maple Ave. in South Plainfield that has a pierogies for sale sign, "just call or ask sign" that I always find interesting.

      I've had homemade pierogies from women from eastern Europe, but for my time, money, and GI safety I'd rather go to Clydz's for their happy hour deal on them.


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      1. re: Tiamat

        Thanks, but as I said, this was a North Jersey church -- and I thought it was Clifton.

        1. There are plenty of churches in Western Pennsylvania that also sell pierogis. The most famous in my home town is St. Mary's Church in Ambridge.

          Now you got me hungry for REAL pierogis!

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          1. re: JosephEBacon

            LOL. I know it's pretty common for some churches to do this seasonally, a few times a year, etc. I've even seen some churches host a pierogi dinner and/or something of the like.

            This church does it year round and apparently they are incredible. It raises good money for the church and these ladies are passionate about their pierogies.

          2. I used to live in Whippany, and there was a Ukrainian church there that sold pierogies weekly; I don't know if that's in your area or not.

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            1. re: Skippy1414

              Thanks. Good to know. Not near me and not the one I was thinking of, but thank you.

              1. re: Skippy1414

                St. John The Baptist Ukraine Church in Whippany moved from the corner of Jefferson and 10, across the highway to 60 Jefferson Road.. I think they still sell them.

              2. Your welcome Ela. If you do get some please post about it as I've thought about ordering some and I'd like to hear what you think about them.