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Feb 21, 2013 08:16 PM

Brioche Doree-now open

This has been under construction for so long and has finally opened at King/Bathurst ...has anyone tried it yet?

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  1. I've been a few times...delicious salads at lunch (choice of 2 prepared salads on mixed greens with choice of protein - either salmon or chicken, + an olive bun, for $8.99), terrific croissants & coffee. All reasonably priced with very very friendly service. Also tried the Lobster Bisque soup - delicious with quite a bit of lobster for only $3.99 (may have even been $3.49). Only complaint is that there is a bottleneck for service at lunch - the flow is off - I'm sure this will be ironed out soon as they've only been open for about 2 weeks.

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      Lobster bisque for $3.99! Ok...I'll have to try..I'll plan a visit outside the lunch crowd

    2. When they use the words "freshly baked" is it int the Tim Hortons sense? Like do they receive the dough Frozen and then their form it out and bake? Or are they actually baking fresh n store in the traditional sense? A friend mentioned that Brioche Doree is in the new Ontario Service centers on the 401 series highway. I imagine there they would need some kind of parbaked system to work in the space they have. Friend asked for Brioche at the highway stop location and the girl asked "what is that" :)

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        Based on my experience with one of their stores in France, I'd say the Tim Hortons comparison fits. They say they were the first fast-food operation in France, some 30 years ago, and have 300,000 customers per day.