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Feb 21, 2013 07:40 PM

Whistler Food News

Discovered Whistler Pierogies today!

Yes there's a company making/delivering Pierogies in Whistler-what will those hippies think of next!?

Sadly it was a choice between paying for fuel and eating a Pierogie dinner tonight-they come with a Whistler sized price tag- and practicality won out however Watch This Space for further details on this simmering culinary gem.

In other news-this time from deepest darkest Function Junction-the long awaited organic grocery store Olives is Now Open has been for about a month.

In terms of looks &product selection it reminds me much of Greens on Broadway but much better run.

I was intrigued to see who they were using for baked goods seeing as how Function Junction has been the front yard of the venerable Pure Bread for so long-in fact they're usually the reason I stop in FJ.

Anyway Olives offers lovely selection of baked goods produced in the kitchen @ Nita Lake Lodge-a place I've been to a few times but had no idea how diverse & talented the kitchen team is-the baguette I bought today was delicious and fairly priced.

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  1. Pure Bread has opened a new location in the village-Olympic Plaza beside David's Tea-the Function Junction store is still open.

    No news on the website yet they've been quite busy of late.

    1. Reports are that the new Pure Bread downtown location has been hit hard by yesterday's fire in Tyndal Stone Lodge on Olympic Plaza-David's Tea as well not sure about the other restaurants in the complex.

      Tough timing coming just before the busy season.

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      1. re: Sam Salmon

        This is an old thread, but thought I'd update it in case anyone's looking: PB is in a temp location in Marketplace, but they only have it for the season, and are unsure if the old place will be ready again in time.

        1. re: dagoose

          Thanks for the update! I'm almost out of Old Stumpy. May have to swing by the Winter Farmers' Market in Vancouver and nab some tomorrow; they are listed as attending.

          main number in Whistler: 1-604-938-3013

          pop up: 1-604-962-1182