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Must Eats on the Drive from Savannah to St Augustine

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OK - since we have NEVER been on this drive - would love to have a few ideas on where to stop for a late lunch early dinner?

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    1. Skippers in Darien. Really great fried seafood, nice atmosphere, great deck, oyster bar if you want. There's a really cute wine shop close to the entrance of the restaurant that I love going to also.

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        is Skippers a byob spot? thanks

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          No, it has a full service bar.

      2. B&J's is your best bet close to the interstate. If you want to explore Southern Soul Barbecue on St Simons is a 30 minute detour but worth it. The smoked sausage at Gary Lees west of 95 at the exit south of Brunswick is very good also.

        1. B&L,5 min off I95 at Darien ,has fried shrimp that are so good,and cheap,I relly am not literate enough to describe.Get off at Darien exit,go rt to dead end,take a right,restaurant on right,about1/2 mi.

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            Don't you mean B & J's, as referenced in beteez's post above yours?

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              At Darien exit - do you go to the right if you're heading south? Is it east or west of I-95?

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                east of 95,and it is on hw 17,heading south.It is a concrete blk building ,on the rt,going towards the river,and downtown Darien.

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                  Thanks, I've driven by it several times on my way to Skippers. I'll be stopping next time!

            2. yes,B&J's.Everyone always looking for local hole in wall,well this is it.Always start w the shrimp.

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                Just to reiterate, it's really really a hole in the wall. Not that the food isn't good but, seriously, a hole in the wall.