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Feb 21, 2013 06:50 PM

Take-out or self-catering in Burlington, VT?

Heading to Burlington from Montreal for five days in early March with my two little (2 and 6) girls and their Dad. We're staying in a suites hotel we've been to before in S. Burlington. We've gone to The Farmhouse downtown and Prohibition Pig in Waterbury in the past, and after perusing this board I'm thinking of Penny Cluse and American Flatbread this time. But I'm also looking for some suggestions for either take-out or prepared dinner to heat up, to make some of the meals easier with the kids. Not sure if we'll be there on farmers' market day (still finalizing our dates) - other ideas for yummy local kid-friendly take-away? Thanks!

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  1. Is the hotel downtown or a little further afield?

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    1. re: Morganna

      It's in South Burlington, on Dorset St.

    2. Healthy Living on Dorset St. has a hot food bar, a great selection of cheeses, and a nice wine selection...and you can eat in the store if you would like.

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        Sounds good - and very near where we're staying too. Thanks!

      2. I second the Healthy Living recommendation. City Market in downtown Burlington off of Church St (by the Roxy movie theater) is similar to Healthy Living.

        1. here is the farmer's market website

          My wife is a regular at the food bar at City Market and I find it far more bearable than Healthy Living. August First Bakery/Cafe and Great Harvest Bakery are in the range of what you describe as well.