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New Pizza Joint at Donlands and Danforth - Big House Pizza

Walking by I noticed a new pizza joint on the Danforth just west of Donlands. It occupies the space that was once some strange "coffee shop" with nargillas, I never saw anyone (including staff) in that space.

I went in to the pizza shop to check it out and grab a take out menu. The owner was very friendly and personal, they did a great job renovating the space.
I will definitely give it a try next time we order. Has anyone tried it yet?
Here is the menu on line:


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  1. it replaced amaro pizza which had been there for a yr or two... i will miss amaro's amazing potato pizza but hopefully the new guys will find their niche and they wont just be a gut fill pizza place for the high school lunch crowd.

    1. Yes you're right, I never tried amaro unfortunately, we were new to the neighbourhood and slightly obsessed with Danforth Pizza house (ok we're still obsessed).
      Yes, hoping for the best for this new place!

      1. I've said it time and time again, this strip has some of the best pizza options in the city, what with Pizzeria Libretto, Mr. Pide and DPH all so close together.

        The menu seems 'interesting'. Seems like they spent a lot of time with the names/combinations - I will try it out sometime and see how it stacks up.

        After visiting Napoli last month, I have become more of a purist however,and find that we North Americans have complicated pizza with too damn many toppings. ( I find McEwan's Fabbrica to have the most authentic Napoli-style pizza btw).

        I still remember Anthony Bourdain ranting on The Layover about the ridiculous number of toppings on a pizza, and he cites the Hawaiian pizza with pineapple. I couldn't help but giggle since SW-Ontario is to blame for this. Chatham is actually where the first Hawaiian pizza was doled out.

        1. The John A McDonald looks interesting. Not interesting enough for me to take one for the team, though. ;)

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            One of the bigger food critics in the city did an unofficial trip to the joint and tried the Sir John A.- said it was a great interpretation of a Big Mac and good eats!

          2. i've actually never tried Mr. Pide, how is it?

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              Good. Most of the time it's a toss up as to who is better between Pizza Pide or Mr. Pide.
              The owner of Mr. Pide worked for PP for 3 yrs before opening his own place.

              The only time I had a bad pide at MP was on Christmas when they had their 3rd string chef cooking.
              The pides at both places are better then anything I had in Istanbul and Turkey btw...

              Order the #18, it's the assorted at both places. Will give you a good idea as to what toppings you will like.

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                if you're in the 'hood then check out pizza pide instead of mr pide. i found mr pide to be too cheesy so the other flavours were masked. pizza pide is pretty much delectable all the time.

              2. Thanks for the tips, I've actually never tried Pide so I'm looking forward to it.

                1. Is it just me or does the name thing just scream lame??


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                    When I first read the name I thought it was in reference to the University of Michigan stadium in Ann Arbor - ie. The Big House. But obviously just seems to be a kinda lame name lol...

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                      If you meet these guys you will forgive the lame name and somewhat silly menu. They're the nicest.

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                        They could very well be. The pizza could also the best ever. It's just the name and menu are so goofy it's a bit of a turn off. Not saying I will not go. Just nothing has made me want to go out of my way.


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                          Sure :) I just mean that I think these guys are very sincere in their efforts. It's not a matter of marketing over substance like that mobster hamburger place a while back. They are trying hard and really want to be part of the neighbourhood. Will they be destination pizza, not sure, but for us locals a vast improvement over the wanna-be chain that was there, owner was never in house and staff totally unpleasant.
                          Having just tried a slice I am reserving judgment just yet on whether I think their efforts are paying off in great food, but a lot of people in the hood have been happy with their deliveries.

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                            Good stuff.

                            I guess the one thing that really turned me off was the Rob "The Jerk" Ford pizza. I don't have an opinion about Ford one way or the other. I don't live in TO and as such, really don't care. But show some class.


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                          I agree- very much. Young guys behind the counter, super-friendly and happy to shoot the proverbial shit.

                          Tried the John A. Macdonald last night at the missus' insistence. Uh. Pickles and thousand-island dressing on a pizza. Interesting. Suspect it'd be a hit at a big party for its novelty. Also good, I imagine, in a state of advanced inebriation and/or intoxication. Barring those scenarios, it's a clever idea but not up my particular alley.

                          What's nice though is that it fills a niche alongside Danforth Pizza- Emilio does the classic pie and these guys do fun (and tasty) alternatives for when you want something different.

                          But I agree with Jules- they're a welcome addition to the neighbourhood.

                      2. These "pizzas" look absolutely disgusting. The toppings appear to have come from a bad roadhouse garbage can, the names from a couple of drunk guys who had mullets in the 70's. Not a chance this is for anyone aside from intoxicated sophomores on a dare.

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                          This is what I thought! I was wrong. It's incredibly delicious. I'm tempted to hit the CHOWFIND button but will wait until a few more long-timers have tried it.

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                            You've been around long enough that I know and trust your opinion. I'll still wait and see what you think after you've had some more of their pizzas.

                            1. re: Googs

                              Lol that's the old-school CH attitude. Lemme try a few more.

                        2. I don't think these "pizzas" look disgusting. Perhaps some of the toppings aren't to my liking but disgusting?
                          I'm a 40 something year old professional, middle class woman certainly not a "intoxicated sophomore on a dare." and I think some of the pizzas look appealing.
                          I don't want to start an argument and I agree everyone is entitled to an opinion but I think that was a bit harsh and kind of reminds me of my toddler daughter who would simply state "I don't like it, gross" before trying something. (We're working on that....)

                          Jules totally agree, the guys are very hospitable and personable, certainly trying hard. I would much rather a business such as this in my neighbourhood than a seedy little dive of a bar......

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                            Let me know what you think after you've had one. You're a braver woman than I.

                          2. ok most of the time I am slightly drunk but it's from very good wine!
                            I just want to give these guys a fair shake that's all, they are super nice the couple times I've run into them and really seem to be trying hard. I'm not saying it's going to be life changing pizza but I'm willing to give it a try.

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                              No wine first or its no fair. Everything tastes better with wine.

                            2. ok, what is the obsession with the name of the place and names of menu items?? we have actually tried it and.....enjoyed it. had the john candy ham pizza and meatball sub and both were delicious, meatballs were juicy and could tell freshly made. will definitely be ordering again and they deliver which is fantastic! so tired of having to drive to get our pizza all the time! and nice to see a friendly business in the area.

                              1. I just tried this place last night it was amazing. The guys working there went above and beyond in terms of customer service. Plus, the food was fantastic. I would highly recommend it.

                                1. So I didn't want to try this place...the Guy Fieri-esque names for the pizzas, the fact that I'm somewhat of a pizza purist who more often that not orders a Margherita at Libretto or QMP. But I was tired, alone at home with two small kids, figured, why not?

                                  HOLY *#&@%** was it delicious!!!! Ordered the special tandoori chicken pizza they had that night and everything was well-balanced and just fantastic. Lots of toppings, but not an overloaded monstrosity, just different flavours in every bite. I'd call their stuff "well-composed" and I can believe it when they say they're both chefs. Plus, got a cheese pizza for the kids, and it was simple and terrific, maybe not quite as good as Danforth Pizza House, but then again DNP doesn't deliver within 35 minutes with steaming hot pizza. Dude who answered the phone was the nicest person I've spoken to all week.

                                  Look, I was wrong, really wrong. Can't wait to try some more outlandish-sounding pizzas from Big House.

                                  1. Shared a LG 'John Candyed Ham' with my wife and 2 yr old son last weekend on the recommendation of a neighbor. Pizza was very tasty but a bit on the salty side, although considering toppings consisted of cheese and cured meats it's probably a worthless nit pick. Crust was the winner hands down. I avoid wheat at all costs but this crust is an exception. As light as a crispy cream donut, and spectacular with a coffee the morning after I will DEFINITELY return.

                                    Staff were great and funny. My kinda place. To top it all off, while you're waiting for your pie you can hop over to The Only next door for a cold pint of a local microbrew. I love my neighbourhood.

                                    1. Has anyone tried their veal sandwich? I'm really hoping to hear good things as this part of Toronto (Danforth/ Queen East) is sorely lacking in that regard.

                                      1. Just went there for lunch. Owners are super nice former chefs in the O&B chain. They're really focused on providing hand made, locally sourced quality ingredients for everything they make. For example, they make their own Italian sausage, hand cut the potato wedges. No preformed frozen crap allowed in this joint.

                                        They spent a lot of time coming up with the pairings for their pies to make them really well balanced and tasty. The names may be a bit cheesy, but the food is definitely not.

                                        I strongly encourage you to come out and give these guys a try. I feel confident you will be back.

                                        1. Happened to be in the area at lunch time, so went in to try the chicken sandwich. There is no veal.

                                          The music was blaring and I asked the guy (saying "please") to turn the music down. I think that bugged him, but he did it anyways. And afterwards, him and his partner were super nice duded.

                                          The chicken sandwich was really good. Loaded. You didn't have to search for the chicken, it was a good sized piece and well cooked, not dry. The bread is from Maselli's down the street, which is pretty much perfect for this kind of sandwich. Crispy, but nothing that will cut your mouth or is tough. the sauce had a bit too much oregano for my liking, but that's a minor complaint. I can see myself doing take out and heading over to the Only for a few beers. Alas, i was driving and had to get back to work so...next time.

                                          Now I've got decision problems in that strip for quick bites. Wings from Har Gow (crispy, perfectly cooked each time) or a sandwich.

                                          Hope they're a big success because they really are nice guys.

                                          1. So I've ordered from there a lot now and love their pizza, prices aren't bad either. The only complaint I have is 1 of every 3 pizzas I get from there aren't rotated properly, so one side is a little pale and the other is too dark. Hope they fix that but it still hasn't kept us from ordering! Super nice dudes.

                                            1. Anyone having issues with their hours of operation?
                                              thought it was weird that i was seeing them closed when i thought they should be open.
                                              googled them and reviews say it's a common problem.

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                                                Yes, me. I emailed them about it and got no reply.

                                                1. re: atomeyes

                                                  I have issues with the fact that they don't deliver to Cabbagetown. It's literally a ten minute drive away. Sure I could drive there and pick it up, but I'd rather order from somewhere else.

                                                  1. re: Strongbad789

                                                    Yeah, delivery pizza in Cabbagetown. Good luck with that. I could never find one that was worth the money.

                                                2. My first time there, I had a slice with "jalapeno cream sauce".

                                                  It did not appeal.

                                                  However, based on the others here, I will give it another try.