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Feb 21, 2013 06:00 PM

HELP! La torta ricotta e pere

My BF has launched a birthday challenge! I have no experience with La torta ricotta e pere ... step-by-step directions and tried and true recipes would be much appreciated. Thank you! Grazie!

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  1. Somebody please answer this - it googled it and got pix of things that look amazing, but no recipes in English!!!!!

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    1. re: sandylc

      Thanks so much! Alas --- I got the same results with my googling. It does look gorgeous, though. Of course *that's* what he wants for his birthday dessert.

    2. Look up ricotta torte cake with pears in English and you might have your answer. Below two links:
      I just might be buying some pears this weekend!

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      1. re: Ruthie789

        Many thanks! I appreciate it!

        Wow -- that looks divine.

        1. re: Tehama

          It does look divine, now you have given me some inspiration and I saw some beautiful pears last week at the local grocery store.

        1. re: Gio

          Gio, thank you so much! I probably should do a test run of this before I break it out for the birthday party.

          1. re: Tehama

            You're welcome, Tehama. Looks delicious. I love the Italian way with fruit and cake.

        2. I have also saw links for a chocolate hazelnut sponge with pears. I am inspired, my friend's mother used to make a blitz torte cake, it was beautiful and delicious.

          1. Hi everyone and thank you so much for the links and help.

            I made the torta ricotta e pere recipe this past weekend for my BF's birthday. Let me tell you - I love to bake and enjoy a challenge, but this was something that is going to take some practice if I am ever going to attempt it again. To me, the flavor was just okay. And given the fact that this torte is rather expensive to make, I was even more disappointed.

            On the plus side, my BF procured some sheep's milk ricotta for me to use (via a FedEx from New York), and I couldn't believe how much smoother and amazing the sheep's milk ricotta is than what I had before. The ricotta filling was outstandingly good - I'll remember that part of the recipe for another use sometime soon.

            The hazelnut layers, though ... eehhhh.... they were overcooked due to I think a timing error in the recipe, because I actually took them out before my kitchen timer went off.

            Plus, the filling is just a rather messy affair for a novice like me and in the end, I was so sad I didn't have something perfect for my BF's birthday. He gamely ate two slices, but it was not up to par.

            I primarily used the first recipe Ruthie posted from the italymag website, but referenced her other link and Gio's link as well trying to get a handle on this torte.

            Just wanted to thank everyone again and if anyone else makes this recipe, please let me know so I can make it better for him the next time!

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            1. re: Tehama

              I was hoping to hear that it was delicious! When you say the flavor was just ok is that because it was not sweet enough? I make an Italian dessert similar to Tiramisu but it is not sweet in comparison to a North American dessert but it is very rich. You can make your own Ricotta if you are ever inspired to do so.

              1. re: Ruthie789

                Hmmmm - maybe that was it.... Maybe I was just not used to the less-than-sweet taste and the texture in general? He (the BF) is from the Isle of Capri and he seemed to enjoy it [though I think he was just being a good sport!]. The hazelnut cake portion though was slightly overcooked, I think, but then I know the nut-based cakes (like his Mom's almond cake that she makes rather often) are a trifle heavy for my preferences ....

              2. re: Tehama

                Don't be so hard on yourself Tehama. You chose an ambitious recipe and did very well, I think. I find that some Italian desserts are just not as sweet as most American goodies. If and when you make this again, you have something to compare it to. The other thing, is perhaps you ought to choose one recipe and stick to it... now you can tell just by reading how one recipe might be better than the other. I bet your boyfriend was delighted that you attempted such a demanding cake in the first place...!

                1. re: Gio

                  Gio, I think you are so right. I am going to try it again. This cannot be my albatross! I sure do appreciate your kind words. Hope you have a great week!

                2. re: Tehama

                  I am wondering if your pears were partly to blame for the lack of flavor. Also, I agree with the sweetness point made here. I personally like my desserts barely sweet, but this is not the norm in our country. There is a thread around here about that, and it is quite contentious!

                  1. re: sandylc

                    Hmmmm - this is getting pearplexing! I also couldn't find the pear brandy in any of our ABC stores, so I tried to do a makeshift of pear vodka and brandy as far as the liquor aspect went. The next time I have a connection going to Italy, I'm going to request a bottle of the pear brandy!

                    1. re: Tehama

                      I am sending you a link to an Italian chef, Stefano Faita. I have been watching him for a number of years. He makes desserts on his shows they are often not sweet. I am sending you the link, if you review the recipes you might find some traditional Italian ones which are missing the the intensely sweet factor. I think your recipe was fine it is just different from North American baking.


                      1. re: Ruthie789

                        You're a doll! Thank you so much! I'll get my BF to go through these with me so we can work on them together. He and his mom are outstanding cooks; I am definitely looking forward to learning from them and with your help! Thanks!

                        1. re: Tehama

                          I noticed he has incorporated many North American dishes on the show in the link. He has however some Italian food in the link as well. His Mom is a well known chef in Montreal who gives cooking courses and he started with her. He has some good simple ideas. I'm glad to be of help. Update us on your dishes especially the desserts!

                          1. re: Ruthie789

                            Thanks again, dear! Much appreciated!

                  2. re: Tehama

                    I was hoping to hear it was delicious as well. I enjoyed a slice of this pear torta every day that I spent in Minori and have had this recipe bookmarked to try to attempt to recreate that moment. I plan on making this in the next few weeks and will keep you posted.