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Feb 21, 2013 04:23 PM

Chili Sides

Hosting a chilli dinner meeting for 7. Besides cornbread (Rick Bayless' recipe), what else? Chocolate mousse for dessert?

Chili has EVERYTHING in it - 10 different beans,ground turkey breast, ground venison, red, yellow, orange peppers, onions, zucchini, yellow squash, corn, chillies, tomatoes galore.

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  1. For a family dinner, I wouldn't add any more sides. For company, I think I would serve some crudite and sliced fruit for a fresh, cool bite. Just whatever is on sale and looks good -- carrots, celery, pineapple, jicama. Maybe, big maybe, some plain saltines or oyster crackers.

    Will you have some toppings for the chili, like cheese, raw onions, and sour cream?

    Your meal sounds delicious.

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    1. re: Tara57

      I suppose I'll offer onions and cheese and Greek Yogurt. There will be a savory cheesecake, crackers, and fresh fruit, butter and honey for the cornbread

    2. That sounds delicious. Someone here will attack you for not being "authentic" - DON'T LISTEN to them.....

      1. not sides but is suggest:

        Sour cream
        Red onions
        Chocolate sauce

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        1. re: C. Hamster

          I'd agree with this. If the chili is good, it and your cornbread are more than enough for a meal - you can have green salads for the next few days to get your green veggie doses back up to snuff. But the right toppings provide not only flavor variations and cooling for the chili's heat but a nice visual offset to the red color, which is amazing on its own but even better contrasted with other food on the plate/in the bowl. Sliced scallions, raw onions (pick your color/flavor), sour cream and lightly chipped cilantro take the visual presentation and the taste to the next level. Shredded cheese and fresh jalapeƱos alternately add and subtract some kick to make each bite a whole different taste experience.

        2. How about a salad, or perhaps a vinegar based coleslaw?

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            Yes or even shredded Napa cabbage with seasoned rice vinegar and sesame oil as the dressing. Very refreshing.

          2. You should have a few toppings, but the only side you need is good beer.