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Feb 21, 2013 04:20 PM

Restaurant to host dinner party

We are coming down from San Francisco to host a party for 8 good friends in LA - so 10 in all. All are sophisticated albeit irreverent eaters and requirement # one is for fantastic, preferably innovative food and seamless service. Pretensions will be skewered by this group. We will all order our own meals, although a tasting menu is possible with flexibility for a shellfish allergy. A private room for our small party is preferable so we can actually hear each other talk. A boisterous place won't work for this. Expensive is fine. Several couples are coming from the valley and one from Beverly Hills and one from Orange County - so Central location would be nice.

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    1. re: adelly

      Thanks. Providence looks too shellfish heavy for one of our dinners with an extreme allergy, but Hatfield's looks perfect. Will call them to check out the private rooms.

      1. re: adelly

        Some time back you recommended Hatfields in response to my post for a place with wonderful food and a private dining room and others concurred. I took your recommendation and the party was tonight. I just wanted to tell you that the food was stellar - everyone enjoyed their selections with the date crusted lamb chops the star - altho the goat cheese pannacota hors d'ouvres were wonderful too, as was the Branzino Main Course and the Lemon Tart - well it was all great. The private room is lovely and they set it up as specified. The service was perfect - attentive but not intrusive. You did well by us with this recommendation and I am very grateful to you for responding to my post.

        1. re: jerdberg

          Thanks for reporting back, and glad you had a smooth event.

      2. Lucques would be my recommendation. Marvelous food, beautiful patio setting and excellent service. I have been to large and small dinner parties at Lucques and all have been beautifully executed.

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          This looks like a real possible. Will check it out. Thank you.

          1. re: jerdberg

            You might also want to look into Jar.
            They set up an area in the lounge for dinner parties.