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Feb 21, 2013 03:58 PM

Szechuan's Dumpling Is Amazing, Lucky Arlington

Mr. Swank and I were passing through Arlington Heights this evening and saw a large "OPEN" sign at SD. Turns out the grand opening was tonight! We decided on takeout. The dining room was fairly busy with a good assortment of olds, youngs, families and so forth.
OK, so -- we got the mini juicy pork buns. Rivals anything I've eaten in Chinatown. Perfectly explosive-in-your-mouth juiciness.
Also got shrimp and vegetable dumplings: same sensation. Both came with a yummy hot chili sauce.
I ordered beef tendon and shank in chili sauce, a specialty for me. This dish was somewhat ma la and tingly. I wish the tendon had been a bit softer, but it certainly beats the odd Jello-ish goo I've had elsewhere, plus the tingle factor earns points in my book.
Also ordered beef noodle soup (with flat noodles). WOW. Just wow. First of all, I'll be feasting on this for a week. Secondly, the broth is just rich, tangy, a bit sweet...absolutely delicious. Could've used some scallions, maybe, but in general really amazing.
Mr. Swank got pork with mustard greens and is currently moaning with delight.
The service was very nice, and the menu is enormous -- with an emphasis on soups. The house specialty list is small and focuses a lot on seafood. I did notice clams in black bean sauce with basil on the menu. There are many spicy options, too, which suits me just fine. There are also rice plates for just 6.95, including the often hard-to-find beef with tomato sauce. I'll be back to try this, as well as their oyster pancake appetizer.
The dumplings were on par with Gourmet Dumpling in Chinatown.
In general, a hearty endorsement!!

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  1. I walked by earlier today but didn't have time to stop in...did you happen to notice if they have beer?

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    1. re: digga

      They have Heineken and wine. We haven't seen a list, so I don't know if there are other options. They have a wait now and haven't worked out the timing so it's slow going for opening night.

      Just finished an amazing meal. The Mini Juicy Pork Dumplings, Hot and Sour Soup, Eggplant with Basil, and Boneless Spareribs (not something I usually eat) were phenomenal. Authentic Chinese food comes to Arlington!

      1. re: AtownEatz

        Do you happen to know if there's an on-line menu, especially for takeout?

        1. re: bear

          I couldn't find one and ended up snagging a to-go menu displayed in a case near their entrance.

          1. re: Swankalicious

            Thanks, Swank. I'll stop by and grab one when I'm in the area. I feel those pesky five pounds that I've managed to scare away creeping back with this place being so close...

    2. Thank you for the review. I guess I know where I'm eating lunch tomorrow.

      1. thanks for this. Was the pork with mustard greens, braised pork belly with preserved mustard greens?

        1. Thx for the review.. I drove by and saw them open, pretty crowded. I look forward to trying the dumplings.

          I do hope they bring the ma la on ma po tofu and twice cooked pork.. it would be nice if they could rival Chilli Garden in Medford

          1. Very much enjoyed the beef noodles (I tried the flat noodles too) and the xiao long bao. The XLB was tasty, with moderate temperature and skin thickness. You won't burn your mouth on these.