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Polish Kielbasi

Does anyone know a Polish butcher or deli that makes their own kielbasi? I'm not talking smoked, I'm talking regular kielbasi -- that looks like Italian sausage....but of course, different spices.
There used to be a few places around the Garfield/Wallington area, but I cannot seem to find anyone who makes it anymore.

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  1. There's a Polish Deli on the outskirts of South River , on the Old Bridge Tpk that does their own . You might also look at Bratek Deli in Linden and Pulaski Meats on the main street of linden - Pulaski is actually a supermarket . Another option is north of Trenton at the intersection of Olden and Brunswick ave - many Polish Deli's and restaurants !

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      European Provisions is the place on Old Bridge Turnpike. I think they would have it.

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        European Provisions is indeed the place. They make six or seven different kielbalsa in addition to many other terrific things (including a fantastic goose liverwurst). EP is an absolute gem - one of my absolute favorite food spots in the State.


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          Yes, European Provisions is good. Their house smoked hams are great, not cheap, but really great. There is another place in East Brunswick, which I have not tried, but think might also be worth a try. It is at the south end of town, on County road 615 I think.

          Continental Homemade Provisions
          190 Main Street
          East Brunswick, NJ 08816
          (732) 254-4911

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            It's a food dork's paradise. Those hams are truly great (even just to get a few thick cut slices for a snack). Where else can you find homemade bologna or kishka? Hell, they eve have solonina and an unbelievable double smoked bacon that you can revel in while it's still cold!*

            I will sometimes detour on my way to the Turnpike, by going up Route 18, to stop there. If your from the Shore and are going to the Meadowlands to tailgate, it's a very solid spot to pick up incredible stuff.**

            *Admittedly, it is better, like most things, warmed a bit.

            **Last fall, I did that before going to the "Love for Leon" concert and wound up trading a couple hunks of the fresh kielbalsa I was grilling for two properly stirred martinis. It was certainly more innocent than the trades I made in that parking lot in my lowercase days, but . . . . Pretty funny to remember our lot "neighbors" smelling my cherry wood fueled kettle and come sniffin' around like a couple of Bassets. They asked what I was makin', I asked what they were drinkin', and everyone got good and happy.

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              Several establishments have been mentioned above; to which one are you referring?

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                  Do they have seating or is it strictly takeout?

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                    I believe they have a coupla small tables. I may be wrong, however, as I have been in there many, many times over the last forty-odd years and never thought of eating there.

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                      I'm just not sure I'd want to order a hot sandwich there and lug it a half hour+ back to Tinton Falls...

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                        MGZ is correct, there are several tables where you can eat at the store. They have quite a varied luncheon menu considering they are primarily a grocery/deli..... http://www.ehpdeli.com/lunchmenu.html

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          Pulaski Meats in Linden is our go to place for Kielbasi and Polish sausage during football season.

        3. Piast Meats & Provisions, 800 River Dr, Garfield
          Has what I think you are asking for - White Kielbasi - it is unsmoked

          1. You can get farmer style kielbasa (fresh, not smoked) at any of the Saker ShopRite stores (look for stores called "World Class ShopRIte"). They make and carry it year 'round, and it is very good...as good as any I've ever had (and better than some).
            But you will only find it at the "World Class" ShopRites.

            1. Isn't there a well thought of butcher in Sayerville that makes great fresh kielbasa? The name eludes me, it might be on Washington Ave but I can't say for sure.

              1. Polska Smak on Rt.23 in Butler is excellent. I used to go to Adams in Garfield but to be honest and I never thought I would say this but Smak is better.

                1. How about "The Pork Store" in Union on Morris ave. They do all sorts of great meats. Google the place they have a great website that shows only some of the things they carry.

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                    I second this...this place is awesome....

                  2. Joe's Meat Market on Smith Street in Perth Amboy.....very good kielbasa, and I think their prices may be a little bit better than European Provisions on Old Bridge Turnpike over by South River/East Brunswick which is my other 'go-to' place for kielbasa and Polish groceries. They are both excellent IMHO and I don't think you will go wrong with either one.

                    And if you're in the neighborhood of Joe's, a block or two further down Smith Street is Sipo's Bakery which is worth a stop for some great freshly-baked bread and maybe some cookies too (or one of those salted breadsticks.....yummmmm).

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                      Sipo's makes my favorite Hungarian cookies - the rolled ones with apricot , walnut or lekvar fillings !

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                        Sipo's also seems to be one of the only places left in NJ where it's possible to buy anything resembling a decent hard roll (such as the ones so commonly available 50 years ago at the small, family owned bakeries that every town once seemed to have).

                    2. Syrena's Polish Deli
                      Address: 1117 St Georges Ave, Linden, NJ 07036
                      Phone:(908) 486-0677
                      Syrena is a Polish deli specializing in smoked meats (kielbasa, kabanos, etc).Homemade Lunchmeats. Also, they have a deli for ordering take out pierogies, cabbage rolls, kapusta, Homemade Soups etc.
                      Syrena's kielbasa is excellent. Everything is made in house in their own smoke room. A few years back two younger guys in the family took over day to day and they are doing a great job. They are true smoke heads -- really into making their smoked meats.

                      1. If you are looking in North Jersey, try the Swiss Pork Store in Fair Lawn. I've bought fresh kielbasa there before, and they've had different kinds -- fresh, smoked, etc.

                        I am very surprised you couldn't find anything in the Garfield/Wallington area. I know there were a few, but I don't which specific ones are there, no longer there, etc.

                        Good luck.

                        1. There have been replies about Adams in Garfield but Adams is in Wallington on Union Blvd and still going strong. Great Kielbasy smoked on premis

                          1. Polska Smak in Butler on Route 23. It's in the freezer in the back.
                            I found the idea that "fresh kielbasi" in the freezer was funny, but I guess that they don't get a lot of requests for it. I'm sure they will make it fresh for you if you call ahead.

                            1. There still are great places in wallington [adams, on wallington ave],colonial mkt [walllington ave?],know passaic has jasoniks?? and a few others,but i would say adams still is the best option for polish kielbasi.

                              1. While I remember going to the European Provisions store when I was a kid (my grandparents lived just up the street on River Rd in the old stagecoach house - biggest house on River Rd). I don't get to EP much anymore (even if it's doable via Rte #18 should I want to travel from Somerset on my way home to the shore).

                                Here's another one, just as good and which I go to at lunch hour for Easter dinner fixins: European Deli in Manville. Plus they've got more different types of perogi than you have fingers....


                                1. Ok, so much for those places, but are there any Polish delis to be had near Wall ? always searching for some good stuffed cabbach, kielbasa, and pierogis.

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                                    In Point Pleasant, you could try Miletto. They offer a variety of Polish specialties that might be to you liking.0