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Apr 6, 2006 12:36 PM

New Good Upscale Italian in Rancho Mirage - Palm Springs Area

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I know there was a question a while back, but will start new post... the LA Times in the Calendar section very favorably reviews a new Southern style Italian in Rancho Mirage. You can look at their website (will probably have to sign up, but it's free) & get the review.

Villa Abbate Ristorante Italiano
69-820 Highway 111
Rancho Mirage
(760) 321-6835

Dinner 5:30 - 10:30 Thurs - Sun

We're going out next week, but if anyone wants to check out & review in the meantime...

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    torta basilica

    Hopefully, this will work for you...


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      wow i'm a dog

      we had the pleasure of dining here over the weekend for a special occasion and were extremely happy. food was above expectations. excellent service. i'll be posting a report on all the eats later, but just wanted to tell you: go, go, go!

      1. We ate at Villa Abbate the other night. The food was superb (a real veal milanesa on the bone). Mr and Mrs Abbate are a breath of fresh air. They love their restaurant and the food shows. This is the best Italian restaurant in the entire desert valley.
        It is if you had an Italian mother that was a great cook. Wine prices are reasonable. to boot.

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          Where exactly is this restaurant, say, relative to the River?

          1. re: FAT Traveler

            it is before the River on the corner of Frank Sinatra(perfect place for an Italian Restaurant) and Hwy 111. It is in the same building as the old Massimos. The entire space has been redone by the way. It is also one of the few restaurants that is quiet enough to enjoy yourself.

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              Went again this weekend. The Prix Fixe menu is an ultimate bargain at $24.00. This may be a summer special. There are lots of extra little lovely surprises during the meal. Please try the best olive bread anywhere(I don not like olive bread except this one)If you want a taste sensation, ask if they have chocolate dipped marischino cherries. Real ones not from a bottle.

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                OK, putting this on my list for October.

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                  In Rancho Mirage for a conference in Feb. 2008. Two years earlier I had stumbled upon a very good Italian place somewhere along Rt. 111. It was also very crowded and had a sort of odd middle-age singles scene going on. This visit I considered trying that place again, but instead went to Villa Abbate.

                  I would agree with most posters here. The food was better than expected and the service excellent. Actually, my entree (pappardelle con funghi) was a bit odd--not what I was expecting--but in general the restaurant was a good choice. Unfortunately they were out of the olive bread, but they did bring some little "surprises" between courses. The wine list seemed kind of pricey to me, but the pour for a $9 glass was generous. Also a quite decent jazz duo playing in the lounge.

                  -- Eric (heading back to Maryland)

        2. Their phone is disconnected??????????????????

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