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Feb 21, 2013 02:34 PM

Coming to Houston Next Week

Im going to be staying in the Galleria area @ GW Marriot. I will have a vehicle, and I want to eat where the locals are eating. Local food, the Best BBQ there something similar to Saltlick in Houston also? Taking all suggestions, I love all types of food, so tell me what is Houston known for?

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  1. Luling City Market is a poor man's knockoff, many say ripoff of the great City Market in Luling about 150 miles down I-10. It can be pretty but go early say before noon. It's walking distance from your hotel. Better and a short drive is Gatlin's, but be prepared for slow service. I've been second in line and still waited fifteen minutes, just can't see how three people in the kitchen can be so slow. Again, go early, BBQ is better early in the day. And now for something completely different, crawfish season is amping up and few do it better than Bayou City Pasta and Seafood in the same parking lot as Luling City Market.

    Everything is good at Bayou City, especially the crawfish and gumbo. The two BBQ places should be better than south Florida options. Avoid Goode Co. BBQ, but their other places are quite good.

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      The crawfish sounds awesome...Im all about having BBQ for Lunch, so no problem there either. How about for some good tex-mex breakfasts?

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        I don't do breakfast, but here's a link to the breakfast menu for Ruchi's, my favorite taqueria. It's authentic Houston and ridiculously cheap.

        It's about two miles west of The Galleria on Westheimer at Winrock. There's also a location on Richmond at Rice just a mile south of the Galleria, but the Winrock shop is my lunch spot.

        1. re: DoobieWah

          As a Scot with admittedly limited Tex-Mex experience I shouldn't really be disagreeing with the illustrious DoobieWah, but I reckon the breakfasts at Ruchi's are kind of get-what-you-pay-for. They're undoubtedly a bargain though.

          If you're willing to drop a few more bucks (by which I mean about 3x the price) the breakfasts at Goode Co Taqueria are worth trying. Their jalapeno venison sausage and homemade chorizo are both excellent. It's about 4 miles and 10 minutes from the JW Marriott according to Google Maps.

          Menu here:

          If you're around at the weekend, Pappasito's Cantina on Richmond (again, around 4 miles from the Marriott) does a mean brunch. It's similarly priced to the above though.

          Menu here:

          1. re: FarleyFlavors

            "Illustrious" HA! You obviously have me confused with that other DoobieWah!

            As I stated at the beginning, I have never had Ruchi's breakfast tacos. On those rare occasions when I do have breakfast tacos, it's always at Mexico's Deli but that's a pretty good schlep from the Galleria. (Straight down Westheimer to be sure, but still...)

            As for Ruchi's, the best I can attest is that I've eaten literally hundreds of tacos and burritos at several of their locations over the past thirty years. But never breakfast.

            By the by, their green table sauce is one of my very favorite things, but I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that before.

            I'm intrigued about Pappasito's weekend brunch though.

            Never even heard of it. Can you expand?

            1. re: DoobieWah

              Never mind.

              Here's a link to their brunch menu:


              To show what a breakfast eater I am NOT, I had a picture of a buffet in my head. It had chorizo and huevos and cabrito and chilaquillas, etc.


              1. re: DoobieWah

                I guess I *do* have you confused ! That other, more illustrious DoobieWah would have noticed that I already provided a link to Pappasito's brunch menu ...

                1. re: FarleyFlavors

                  Sucks to get old.

                  My advice? Don't do it!

    2. Not sure if this is what "Houston is known for", but I was stuck in the Galleria area for 5 days without a car last May, and I found that the weekday 'executive' lunch specials (~$15-20) at Tango Malbec ( and Sage 400 (sushi/Japanese were really great - though I was stuck in the Courtyard Marriott in that plaza. Meant to try Burger Palace, but never got around to it...

      Someone else recommended a little stroll to Central Market (Brucesw, I believe) - which I did even though it was ~30min walk one way - and I enjoyed that a lot. Picked up a bunch of stuff from the extensive olive bar, a baguette, cheese, coffee, and a freshly squeezed fruit punch and had a nice picnic in the hotel room after watching a bunch of high school kids come in for Prom at the Westin. It's a long trek (that I don't necessarily recommend unless you really need to get out and walk like I did), but I enjoyed the car/people watching to the high-end strip malls nearby.

      Honestly, I think the longer I live here, the more speechless I get about what "Houston is known for" other than pretty awesome food of all kinds!