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Feb 21, 2013 02:29 PM

Shake Shack opening

East Boca on Glades rd by PF Changes across from FAU

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  1. As in now open? I am working this Saturday so maybe I might drop in there.

    1. I doubt this is happening any time imminently. The website says Spring 2013.

      And boots-on-the-ground live coverage from the actual site last month (!) shows barely it breaking ground...

      > Jan 7, 2013 08:44 AM

      > "Progress continues on the coming Boca Raton location... Just east of PF Changs on East Glades Rd."

      1. I read somewhere it is opening in May.

        1. "Now Hiring"!

          April opening perhaps?

          And hopefully it will not be $61 for a burger. :-)

          (The building looks much better than in this awful drive-by photo).

          1. Those are some consistently good burgers. For me, they're worth the extra couple bucks to get them cooked to order on a bun that doesn't taste like stale Wonder Bread. Some folks like to hate on the fries, but after having endured so many "hand cut fries" where the fryer didn't know WTF they were doing, I'll stick with their krinkle cuts which have always been perfectly crispy, moist inside, and potato-ey, not dripping with tons of grease.