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Feb 21, 2013 02:27 PM

What's Your Favourite Le Creuset/Staub French Oven Recipe?

I just bought a 3.5 quart LC French oven and I would love to know what some of your favourite French oven recipes are.

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  1. Braises, especially beef. I recently made osso bucco and it was a thing of beauty.

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      Braised short ribs, almost any soups........going to make a meat sauce for spaghetti this weekend. Can't wait....

    2. I have to eat gluten-free, but that doesn't really effect a pot roast recipe (except checking the broth). I make this recipe at least weekly, except I don't puree the veggies to make a gravy. I prefer them left chunky, and it's all so moist idk why anyone would need a sauce for it.

      I should add- I usually use either my 5.5 or 6 3/4 for this, but I make enough for myself, hubs, and leftovers. You might have to adjust the recipe a bit to get the quantity to fit in the 3.5.


      1. Pot roast....undoubtedly!

        1. Pot roast, carnitas, whole chicken, bread, shanks of any animal (usually veal or lamb, but goat is wonderful if you can get it), soups and stews, anything braised. I love my Le Creuset!

          1. It's a little unexpected probably, but recently I have baking no knead bread in my Le Creuset dutch oven and it works just great. Do a google search for the recipe from Mark Bittman and the NYT a couple of years ago. Makes absolutely wonderful artisan bread with little or no work involved.

            Here is a shot of my most recent loaf...