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Feb 21, 2013 01:30 PM

Bowl o' brown (eternal stew) -- why can't I quit you

I simply can't just cook two portions -- there's always that extra half a serving. So that's added to the next appropriate stew, soup, sauce or curry... then leftover bits from those are added to the next...

I think that there might be stewed bits from the Millennium mingled into last month's leftovers in my freezer.

Today I have greens/beans/sausage stew and some too-spicy shrimp-and-pork-curry joining the queue.

Is there a 12-step group for this?

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  1. This is like my relationship with gravy.

    It's better than all those extra half-portions hiding in the fridge only to be uncovered weeks later (it's happened!). If you have a freezer you could double your normal recipe and freeze the leftovers, and it would be a reasonable amount for a next dinner

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    1. re: limoen

      Mmmmm, gravy. :)

      Lol, doubling, for me, just leads to even more extras and perpetuates the cycle. And I DO have those frozen half-portions (that's how the shrimp curry became shrimp-and-pork).

      Maybe I need to start planning more small-plates dinners.

    2. Why fight it? After years of whining about the paltry freezer in our fridge I went out and bought a smallish one (7 cu. ft.). Except for the cats and occasional guests, you see, I'm the only carnivore left in the house, and I love those meaty things you can't make less than a big pot of. The week after the freezer arrived one of the ethnic markets had a sale on bone-in lamb shoulders; I braised one and ate about half of it, then took all the remaining meat off the bones and put that and about two cups of rich juices into a zip and froze it. About a month later it became the best meat-and-noodle dish I've ever had. I also still have one bag of choucroute garni, with potato and sausage, left over from New Year's, which I'm hoarding for a rainy-day lunch.

      1. I just consider it analogous to sourdough starter, eternal. I also have eternal chicken soup in the freezer.