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Feb 21, 2013 01:05 PM

Ideas for hot dog where San Francisco meets San Antonio?


I need help with hot dog recipe inspiration, please! Sound weird? It is.

The night before our wedding next month, my fiancé and I are planning a little party, kind of like a low-key rehearsal dinner.

This will be held at our cool, cute neighborhood hot dog joint. The staff there are great, and even want to make up a special "dog" just for the party, in honor of us!

Maybe where we're from could be the inspiration: I am from San Francisco, California; and he is from San Antonio, Texas. Hot dog on grilled sourdough bread (and...?) ...that's about as far as I got.

We are going to New Orleans for our honeymoon - lots of inspiration there!

We'll be showing the movie Ratatouille - maybe a hot dog inspired by the movie with real live ratatouille right on top of the hot dog? Or, if you've seen the movie, Remy makes up a nice little roasted mushroom-and-cheese snack at the beginning of the movie. Maybe it could be a cheesy-mushroomy dog?

Or... my intended is an electrician, I love to hula dance - maybe a hot dog called the "Electric Hula dog"? But what would be on it?

Please throw in your ideas! We need them.

Fun, funny, or just seriously delicious, please go crazy with your suggestions.


  1. I moved my response to the other thread you started on the General Topics board.

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    1. Have you been to the 4505 Meats butcher shop yet? They have lots of creative hotdog ideas. I like the Cole, with queso and fritos. But they have other options as well.

      1. How about an Aidell's sausage of some sort, on a sourdough bun, topped with a really good San Antonio style chili? This is what first comes to mind...

        1. Obvious. Do a sonoran with sourdough.

          The sonoran hot dog is one of the best inventions ever.

          It's kind of tex-mex : refried beans, salsa verde, avo, BACON.

          I'd leave off the mayo, or do the mayo as optional sriratcha (californian), or do the something the two of you like. Don't get too hung up on the geo thing.