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Feb 21, 2013 12:38 PM

Birthday Dinner Suggestion for New Parents?

I am looking for suggestions for a nice (fancy-ish) dinner for my husband and I for his birthday. We are parents to a rambunctious little toddler so we do not get the chance to go out to eat a lot. We have grandparents coming to town and we would like take the opportunity to have a date night.

I would have loved to go to Komi, but there is no availability on that weekend.

By way of background, I'm a vegetarian (dairy ok). We would love a place that makes interesting veggies as well as meats.

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    1. as new parents, I'd imagine your parameters need to include terms like serenity, low ambient noise, a dearth of 'scene' and a distinct lack of the unknown rambunctious little toddlers of others.

      I haven't looked at the menus lately, but CityZen, RIS, Kellari, Plume and Corduroy might fit that bill. it would be easier if you were pescetarian...

      I too thought of Rasika, but it can be a tad noisy. is their new spot any different? or maybe you want adult no-diaper-bag-toting lively?

      and as long as you have grandparents in town, check around for an affordable hotel room, let the GG's do the middle of the night routine with a promise for a really special holiday dinner this Fall upon which you intend to renege and hope they forget.

      1. Marcel's and Vidalia come to mind. I haven't been to Vidalia in about a year, but I've always really enjoyed it.

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          Before heading to Vidalia I would double check to make sure their menu is vegetarian friendly. They seem to include pork in a whole lot of their menu items.

        2. I would go to Equinox or Rasika.

          At Equinox Chef Gray could create a wonderful vegetarian tasting menu for you. If you call over ahead of time and let them know about your dietary restrictions they will take great care of you. The chef's wife is actually a vegetarian so their menu is certainly veggie and meat-friendly.

          At Rasika there are a ton of delicious vegetarian options---including a veggie tasting menu. Personally I would go to the West End location (it is not as loud as the Penn Quarter location) and ask for a table at one of the cool shaped booths.

          Both have great service, cocktails, food and ambiance. Have fun!

          1. I would third or fourth Rasika, but I think City Zen and Eve have veg. tasting menus (personally I prefer City Zen, but Eve gets a lot of love on chowhound).

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              P.S. Ate recently at Ripple-- enjoyed it a lot and they had great vegetarian options.