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Feb 21, 2013 12:14 PM

Marin store for unusual spices & herbs?

When I lived in SF, Rainbow Grocery was my go-to for spices and herbs that I couldn't find in a typical grocery store. Now I live in San Rafael and am looking for a place that's closer to me. Right now I'm making root beer and need things like dried sassafras root and wintergreen leaves. Any tips?

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    1. Have you tried the Sunday Farmer's Market?

      1. Marin's Allstar Organics website says its herbs are sold at Woodlands in Kentfield and Good Earth Natural Foods in Fairfax. Perhaps those stores might have other items that would be up your alley.

        Indian markets are also a good place to poke around. I haven't been there, but others have posted about Malabar Indian Store in San Rafael.

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            Ah yes, Jasmine Market is the place near Trader Joe's. Can't recall the spice selection but a spot worth knowing about nonetheless.

        1. Thanks! I went to Gathering Thyme and was able to get some of the items I needed, like sassfras and birch bark. Still looking for dried wintergreen leaves though. This one is tough to find even on the internet!

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