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My profile on iphone?

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Sorry if I could find this via search but I did try. When I access this site on my iphone I do not seem to be able get to my profile to see topics I've participated in. What am I missing?

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Well...... I guess that's the issue. When I just go to the site it does not seem to show me a place to log in, so I didn't go far enough in to see that screen come up. Haven't had a chance to check this all out....... I'm on my PC now............ but will soon. DEFINITELY not intuitive, as Chris VR noted.

    2. From any page on mobile, click on the drawer icon in the top left (the red button w/ three white lines). If you're logged in, this will bring out a navigation bar, with your username on the top (in blue). Click your username to navigate to your profile.

      1. I couldn't figure this out for the longest time but I finally just tried clicking a few things and the one on the top left worked. I did not find this intuitive in any way, but maybe just because I am used to clicking on my name.

        1. OK. I've been able to navigate to my own recent posts. Is there some FAQ detail on this on the site for when I try to do it again and can't remember the trail through the maze? Just sayin'.