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Feb 21, 2013 10:59 AM

In need of memorable food

Hey all,
I am searching for suggestions for memorable meal for my boyfriend's birthday. This does not have to mean outrageously expensive, just delicious food that you might still be thinking about a week, month, year later. In fact, I find that often the best food is at less expensive places. Some memorable meals we've had have been Caracas Arepa Bar, Pok Pok and Korean BBQ.
Thanks for your help!!

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  1. Yunnan Kitchen
    Il Buco Alimentari
    Tori Shin
    Le Philosophe

    1. When is the birthday? Is it just the 2 of you?

      What's your budget, before tax, tip, wine/drinks?

      Have you been to any of these?
      Momofuku Ssam Bar
      Mission Chinese
      Kin Shop

      1. How about Chez Sardine? We were there a couple weeks ago and I'm still thinking about the beef and uni roll and other "untraditional" sushi.

        1. Since you mention Korean BBQ, my girlfriend and I went to Don's Bogam for Valentine's Day this year. We got the "Marinated Beef Platter for Two" for $64.95 and two bottles of soju and both of us felt that all three meats were wonderful, and that it was the best meal we had had at Don's and also the best Korean BBQ we had had in Manhattan. Don's has now supplanted Madangsui as my favorite place for Korean BBQ in Manhattan. Of course, you might find those prices outrageously expensive, but they are not if you want that quality of beef in Manhattan.