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Feb 21, 2013 10:31 AM

How do you "dress" your fried eggs?

Regardless of how you make your fried eggs (basted, over easy, hard, whatever), do you put anything on them?

Salt? Salt and pepper?

Some sort of dry seasoning?



Something else?

Nothing perhaps?

If I'm just having fried eggs alone, then I like a bit of soy sauce and some sea salt.

But if it's part of a breakfast plate with other stuff (e.g. pancakes, bacon, etc.) then it's just salt.

Never ketchup, even though I love the stuff on scrambled eggs.

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  1. I fry in a salted butter/olive oil combo, and sometimes in bacon drippings, so I have them as is.

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    1. re: pinehurst

      Fried egg + toasted pita w. oilve oil drizzle + dried oregano + generous salt

      Fried egg + quality bbq sauce (just a drizzle)

      Fried egg + bacon jam

      Fried egg + hot sauce

      Fried egg + grated cheese

      Salt/Black Pepper always present. Great question!

    2. salt/pepper/Texas Pete hot sauce and sometimes sausage gravy. I never have eggs with pancakes or waffles...always do them as separate meals.

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      1. re: carolinadawg

        Definitely a big glug of Texas Pete. On all types of eggs.

      2. Fried in salted butter, so, only a little bit of pepper.

        1. Salt, pepper, and Cajun Sunshine hot sauce, all added at the start of cooking (in butter).