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Feb 21, 2013 09:48 AM

Sushi Mon - 2 Locations?

Are the two locations related?

Would you recommend one over the other?

We have some AYCE sushi eaters in my group and they both look like good options

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  1. The Sushi Mon on Sahara is NOT related to the Sushi Mon in Henderson. The Sushi Mon in Henderson, in my opinion, is far superior. However, if you are on the west side, then try Sushi House Goyemon, which IS related to the Sushi Mon in Henderson. Sushi House Goyemon also offers some menu items not available at Sushi Mon in Henderson, like grilled pork belly, crispy rice tuna, and ramen (ramen only after 10 or 11pm). These "extra" menu items are included in the AYCE price. Goyemon also has a superior sake list, as well. Goyemon and Sushi Mon Henderson also use the same punch card, so your punches from both locations count towards your freebie.

    Also, for what it's worth, Sushi House Goyemon and Sushi Mon in Henderson are also both related to Monta Ramen.

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      Thanks for your reply

      We took in the Sushi Mon in Henderson as recommended

      An excellent evening. Food was fresh, prompt and plenty of selections to choose from