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Feb 21, 2013 09:42 AM

peel away apple corer/slicer woes

Does anyone here own this gadget? I bought it many moons ago, and each time I take it out to prepare apples for an apple pie, I am left frustrated! Some of the apples will peel/slice/core and others won't. Sometimes, I actually have to throw the apple out because it has been so badly mangled. I've made numerous adjustments, but can't seem to get it right for the long haul. So many reviews on Amazon are glowing about the Peel Away, a few, not so much. Perhaps this is a quality control issue? Anyway, if there is a better one of these gizmos out there, please let me know. When it works, it does save time....but I'm seriously thinking of giving this one the toss. Thanks!

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  1. Hi addicted2cake-

    We here at the CHOW team stumbled on your post and decided to test the Peel Away Apple Peeler to see if we would have the same issues. We found it a little tricky to adjust and only worked well if you set it to 1/4 inch slices. See our review here:

    Did you decide to try something else for apple slicing? Would love to hear from you.

    - Tracy

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      I don't have any experience with these peelers but wanted to give a big THANKS to the CHOW team for testing the product and doing a review. I love this site!

    2. Hi, a_2_cake:

      Lehman's carries two, one rugged and expensive, the other somewhat budget like your Peel-Away.