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Feb 21, 2013 09:25 AM

Good Homemade Carry Out Soup Baltimore

Who has the best carry out soup in the city?I'm looking for a place that sells containers of it that last for a couple of days. A friend bought home some potato leek soup from A Cook's Cafe in Annapolis and it was outstanding. I think he has cooking classes there,so he takes his food seriously.Attwaters is pretty good but I'm not usually blown away by it.Any suggestions?

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    1. Eddies of Roland Park has wonderful soups.

      1. I actually really enjoy the soups at Whole Foods. They have both the daily soups in the hot pots but also a wide variety of prepared soups. My favorite are the Clam Chowder though I only enjoy it from the hot pot when it has been kept hot for a while and thus is thicker. I actually had a lovely bowl of that and tossed in some smoked mussels yesterday and it was delicious. I also really enjoy the turkey chili with white beans, the crab and corn chowder and the Maryland Crab Soup.

        1. Not in the city, but close...Stone Mill Bakery at Greenspring Station in clam chowder ever...and they sell quarts of all different kinds.